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The NFL at Week 13

Posted by Ryan on December 4, 2006

It’s been a while since the last NFL-related post, so I thought I’d offer a few opinions.  For full disclosure, I am a New England Patriots fan and I hope they beat everyone that they play.  However, with another 28-21 squeaker against the Lions (of all teams!), it’ll be an on-the-road playoff run.

That being said, the San Diego Chargers are on a six-game winning streak that has them tied for an AFC-best 10-2 record.  The press, especially ESPN, puts the Chargers in any top five or six, but the talk always seems to be about Indianapolis, Chicago, Ben Roethlisburger, Carson Palmer, the latest Giants fiasco, etc.   This reminds me of the Patriots’ slow but steady winning creep through the season and to Super Bowl XXXVIII.  Yeah, Tom Brady was good, but it was Indy’s year (have I heard that before? hmm…) and Manning’s coronation to Super Bowl glory was in full force.  Point being: no one was talking about the Pats getting too far into the playoffs, just like few are noticing San Diego getting too far either.  They’ll get to the playoffs, but it’s Manning’s year, right?

Also: Watch out for those Jets who could very well end up 11-5 and a scrappy play-off team.  And who really cares about JV, right?  Half the NFC playoff picture will be 8-8.  Chicago seems decent. The Cowboys look good, but I can’t root for a T.O. team beyond a week-to-week match-up.  Yet, I’d love to see the Saints (formerly the “Ain’ts”) do something too.

2 Responses to “The NFL at Week 13”

  1. Chris said

    As a die-hard Giants fan, I need to comment on this situation. Yes, the team, especially the defense, was heavily depleted, but this dissention and blaming each other in front of the media (both players and coach) should not go on. Our local paper, The Star-Ledger, is calling for Coughlin’s head and to be honest, I think that is a little rash. A disciplinarian coach can have its benefits and especially after Fassel, it’s a welcome change. However, if the Giants to let Coughlin go (which would not be the wisest decision), I support Charlie Weis becoming the next Giants head coach. First, he’s a Jersey Guy (used to be a coach at Morristown HS back in the early 80s), he is a Parcells disciplem, he helped to make Tom Brady’s career, and he will be a big part of Brady Quinn’s future successful NFL career with the Raiders (assuming they get the top pick). The Giants can salvage the season by simply shutting up and playing the excellent football of which they are capable.

    Some other thoughts on this season of the NFL:

    – Have you noticed the sports media covers the Philadelphia Eagles like the Democrat Party?

    – No Bettis, no Steelers playoff appearance.

    – The Jets will make a playoff appearance

    – The Manning Brothers will not win a Super Bowl this year.

    – Plummer will be shopping for a new team in the off-season

    – Reggie Bush has a lot of talent and he just needs to improve his ball control…I’d also like to see the Saints go somewhere significant.

    – Bill Parcells has held quite the influence over coaching in recent, and this NFL season…also on Parcells, Romo saved his leagacy.

  2. Ryan said

    Weis loves Notre Dame, they are paying him very well, and he gets the prestige that only coaching at that storied institution can get you. Coughlin’s ol’ “five minutes early is still late!” kind of junk is what has messed up the morale of his team, had him lose control of the public debate, and produced a funk that goes well beyond the current string of injuries.

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