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No Empty Places in This Circle

Posted by Mike on December 6, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named’s campaign for President has been underway for years. She’s just more open about it now. Since her re-election to the Senate last month, the dark mark tattooed on the arms of many of She Who Must Not Be Named’s followers have been on fire. According to the New York Observer, Her Heinous has been spending some time on the phone soliciting and confirming support from her colleagues.

Although many observers see the upcoming Democrat primary as She Who Must Not Be Named’s coronation, the Observer reports that many of her supporters are afraid of Barrack Obama,.  I find this hard to believe. The only political asset I see in Obama is that he doesn’t scream or sound insane when he speaks. He is a less-than-one-term Senator with no significant achievements. She Who Must Not Be Named’s fundraising ability, name recognition and loyal army of death eaters, er, supporters should be enough to carry her through the primary.  She isn’t concerned.

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ISG Is an IED to the War Effort

Posted by Mike on December 6, 2006

The Iraq Study Group came down from Mt. Sinai today, handing President Bush two tablets containing their recommendations for the future course of the war in Iraq. The media will undoubtedly treat this report as Gospel. Wait a minute, they ridicule the Gospel. Never mind. The media will treat the report as a press release from the DNC. Its findings shall not be questioned. President Bush shall obey or feel the wrath of David Gregory.

The ISG agrees with the President that Iraqis must become responsible for their own security. Their recommendations include the redeployment of our non-force protecting troops by 2008. The reasoning behind this surrender timetable is a rejection of what they call “an open-ended commitment to keep large numbers of American troops in Iraq.” Also included in their recommendations is a call for dialogue with the irrational regimes in Iran and Syria and a re-commitment to the Arab-Israeli peace process. That last irrelevant recommendation has Sandra Day O’Connor’s fingerprints all over it.

I have little respect for this group of Monday morning quarterbacks. First, the ISG is not qualified to tell the Commander in Chief how to run a war. Notable committee members include split-the-baby, PTA wannabe Sandra Day O’Connor and Vernon Jordan, the man responsible for arranging glamorous jobs for Bill Clinton’s concubines. To be fair, the co-chairmen of the ISG are probably qualified. Jim Baker’s resume on international affairs is about three miles long and Lee Hamilton served honorably on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Despite their qualifications however, Baker and Hamilton are state department types. They seem to believe that talking to irrational tyrants leads to peace. It’s as if they expect Ahmadinejad to suddenly cooperate in Iraq and abandon his life long dream of Israeli annihilation after listening to Justice O’Connor’s voice of reason.

Another Commission shortcoming is its bipartisan composition. The executive branch was designed to be appointed by and answer to the President. This constitutional framework enables the President to receive advise from those interested in the success of the President’s policies. The decision to allot half of the ISG’s seats to the political opposition ensured that the recommendations would not contain advice but rather buzz words for the media to parrot while they shoot for a self-fulfilling prophecy by repeatedly asserting we are losing. In addition, the ISG’s bipartisan composition lends credibility to the group in the eyes of the public and makes it easier for the media to portray them as omniscient.

A President should seek advice from a wide range of people when running a war. The advice should come from those who are determined to assist the President in leading our nation to victory. The advice should preferably come from generals and other military leaders to ensure its reliability even if it is unpopular. In the event political opponents have significant input, it really should be given behind closed doors rather than by a commission cloaked in moral authority it has not earned and does not deserve. The only ISG findings which should be followed are those approved by the President’s military advisers.

The entire ISG exercise is like President Lincoln asking John Breckenridge for advice on how the Union should win the Civil War and then asking the Lynchburg Daily Virginian to cover the findings. It was irresponsible for President Bush to lead our nation into war without an effective PR strategy to combat the Democrats and the media. It is even worse to cloak weak-kneed Republicans and partisan Democrats with the moral authority of an “independent commission.” This report will only provide the media with fodder to undermine our noble war effort. Although media assertions are no longer unquestioned, normal Americans must still call the media on their inaccuracies and recapture the spirit of 2004 to combat the upcoming ISG love fest. God knows President Bush has already checked out.

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