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No Empty Places in This Circle

Posted by Mike on December 6, 2006

She Who Must Not Be Named’s campaign for President has been underway for years. She’s just more open about it now. Since her re-election to the Senate last month, the dark mark tattooed on the arms of many of She Who Must Not Be Named’s followers have been on fire. According to the New York Observer, Her Heinous has been spending some time on the phone soliciting and confirming support from her colleagues.

Although many observers see the upcoming Democrat primary as She Who Must Not Be Named’s coronation, the Observer reports that many of her supporters are afraid of Barrack Obama,.  I find this hard to believe. The only political asset I see in Obama is that he doesn’t scream or sound insane when he speaks. He is a less-than-one-term Senator with no significant achievements. She Who Must Not Be Named’s fundraising ability, name recognition and loyal army of death eaters, er, supporters should be enough to carry her through the primary.  She isn’t concerned.

2 Responses to “No Empty Places in This Circle”

  1. Rightonoz said

    There’s a VERY strong point in favour of Obama – He’s NOT SHE…

    I hope that the next POTUS is not a Dem, but hope even more it’s not She.

    Where are the great Republican candidates? It’s all looking a little grey from down here. Thoughts on who’s best?

  2. Ryan said

    Hey Oz,

    Here’s the line up thus far:
    –John McCain (schitzophrenic-ish)
    –Rudy Guiliani (socially liberal)
    –Mitt Romney (kind of late to conservatism)
    –Duncan Hunter (“also ran”)
    –Maybe: Newt Gingrich (personal baggage), Tom Keating (basically unknown to the general public)
    –The ghost of Ronald Reagan (wishful thinking)

    Basically, it’s not that great. I like Romney so far because he’s saying all the right things, he’s articulate, he has personal magnetism, and he’s proven that he can be elected in an uber-liberal state like Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts.

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