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ISG Fallout = More War?

Posted by Ryan on December 7, 2006

So the Arab world has decided to weigh in on the ISG’s findings.  Some Mideastern quotes about the ISG report:

“…holocaust for American claims.”

“Bush confesses defeat in Iraq.”

“In the short term, American will highly suffer the loss of its credibility and reputation in the region.”

“Al qaida must smell victory…”

Iran could “fill the vacuum” in Iraq.

Anyone shocked?  I, for one, am not.  No matter what the report said, the Arab media would be saying the same thing.  However, they are saying this on the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  The pre-WWII analogies of appeasement in the face of our enemy are staggering sometimes. But at least Neville Chamberlain did not have himself as an example.  What’s our excuse?  Emboldening our enemies can only mean that they will try harder.  Unfortunately, this report and it’s findings, which focus on how to lose gracefully not how to win basically, means the death and killing is not likely to cool off at all in the near future.

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