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Holocaust Schmolocaust?

Posted by Ryan on December 9, 2006

The ISG’s hope for all the Mideast, Iran, is holding a conference today on whether or not the Jewish Holocaust actually happened. Here are six of my (obviously sarcastic) suggestions to the pannel:

1. Why not just put on the pointy white hats and burn crosses to make it official?

2. Why not bring back the “goosestep,” which has been woefully out of fashion anywhere outside North Korea since the Cold War ended?

3. Why not call the next US diplomat to the region “Neville” on accident just to get a razz out of your willing accomplices, the infidel media?

4. Why not send a bill to the Israeli Defense Force for Iran’s Hezbollah expenses in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq?

5. Why not call for the Jews to pay reparations to all those poor Palestinian mothers of suicide bombers, just like Saddam had done?

6. Why not blame your unemployment, demoralized populace, horrid economic status (in an oil rich nation), and your poor standing in world affairs on the Jews and their friends, the Satanic States of America? Oh wait…

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