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MOOOve over SUVs…New Competition!

Posted by Ryan on December 10, 2006


Watchout! New left-wing environmentalist wacko targets are on the horizon! Now cows do more damage to the environment per heffer and bull than coupe or sedan do!  This article from Drudge is absolutely hilarious– that people are taking it seriously is also a hoot!  “Her Thighness” did not have any comments, but her spokespeople are sure she’ll chime in sometime soon after she’s finished grazing.

2 Responses to “MOOOve over SUVs…New Competition!”

  1. Rightonoz said

    Sorry, guys, here’s another long winded one.

    Strangely enough what they are saying is true, in terms of the polution and potential impact.

    I believe they are thinking of, or have already enacted a per cow polution tax in NZ (going a bit far?).

    Certainly feedlots do significant harm to the environment if the effluent/feed waste reaches waterways.

    How do I know this, I was raised on a farm form the age of 3. After his career change to farmer (we’re nothing if not an adaptable family), my father became a progressive and successful farmer eventually running 350 cows on 250 acres without any feedlot and I was brought up standing in, getting showered with cow effluent from the age of 12 (see comment below on pit sheds) so have more than a passing knowledge of it and it’s impact. Now it’s 25 years since I escaped the farm (getting up at 4.30am to milk cows wasn’t my idea of a great lifestyle), so I’m a bit behind on current stats, however I do know at the time that polution from cow effluent and fertiliser was becomming an issue.

    We reduced fertiliser use and began spraying the shed effluent on paddocks (great fertiliser) to keep it out of drains and streams.

    I do know it became law several years later as the govt discovered significant waterway clogging from weeds growing in discharge and reduced fish stocks.

    If you’ve ever been in a pit cowshed (the cows are in a platform above you, and you’re in a pit at their udder level – the fastest way for 2-3 people to milk 350 cows) the flatulence level (not to mention unmentionable polution raining down from time to time)is significant. In 2 hours 350 cows dump a heap of effluent which has to be washed away (another hour spent cleaning the shed and surrounds).

    I totally agree with stringent efforts to control effluent run off and fertilisers washing into waterways through reasonable restrictions and encouraging more efficient practices, but thats the limit.

    Any suggestion we ban/reduce cows or put catlaytic converters (my joke) on them is downright loony. The fact they polute is a fact of life in the battle to feed the world.


  2. Matt said

    Sounds like vegetarians are doing more damage to the environment than people who drive SUVs. Save the planet… eat steak!

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