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What’s a Hezbollah?

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2006

Nancy Pelosi’s choice for Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, failed a pop quiz given to him by Congressional Quartrly’s Jeff Stein. The Democrats’ best candidate for the job couldn’t describe Hezbollah, even though the terrorist group dominated the headlines during this summer’s conflict between Israel and Lebanon. In addition, he mistakenly believed that most members of Al Qaeda are Shi’ite Muslims. It’s pretty sad that this is the best the Democrats have to offer.

Nancy Pelosi had quite a few options available to her when she had to select a Chairman for the House Intelligence Committee. Or did she? Jane Harman, the woman who was next in line lacked a certain insanity that Democrats seem to value these days. More importantly, the San Francisco Treat didn’t really like Harman. That was the deal-breaker.

Pelosi’s second option, Alcee Hastings, wasn’t that bad. That is if you don’t consider the fact he was impeached and removed from the bench for taking bribes. Let’s just say America wasn’t quite ready for an impeached judge running the committee handling state secrets. Even Pelosi’s fellow Democrats balked at this selection.

I’m usually not a fan of reporters trying to show up politicians with stunts like this one. In fairness to Reyes, Stein is clearly in love himself and was looking for a headline at Reyes’ expense. Not every leader will or should have to know every detail about terrorist organizations, especially those whose expertise is in other issues. However, Stein’s questions were pretty basic for a member of the Intelligence Committee, especially someone who will lead it. It’s not like he asked Reyes for the name of Uzbekistan’s Prime Minster. The most qualified person the Democrats have to monitor the intelligence on our enemies doesn’t seem to know who the enemies are. What a deep bench these Democrats have.

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Democrat Budget-Busters?

Posted by Sal on December 12, 2006

The Dems are proposing what the Republicans should have done in the 12 years that they controlled Congress by cancelling all pork-barrel projects for this fiscal year’s budget.  While it is only a one-year item, it is a brilliant political move because they may use this to try to shed their reputation as “tax-and-spend” liberals.  Some fiscal Conservatives have given them kudos for this move, but I have my doubts. 

First, I have my doubts that they can pull it off.  The caucus system of the Democrats in the House makes it very difficult for the Dems to get anything through that is without earmarks.  Also, I am skeptical that Robert “KKK” “I’ve never met a pork barrel project that I didn’t like” Byrd will be able to contain himself. 

Second, the Democrats will not be doing anything productive with the money.  If they were smart, they’d use it for some kind of tax cuts, or use it to offset the budget deficit and/or pay down the debt.  Instead, they are planning to use it to fund other “priorities” that they feel are under funded. 

So the verdict is, that while this is a brilliant political move by the Democrats, it remains to be seen whether or not they can pull it off, and even if they do, they are basically shifting money around rather than actually cutting spending. 

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Michelle Malkin’s Hilarious Take on Rosie O’Donnell

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2006

People say stupid things all the time. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Everyone has done it at one time or another. The latest fad in our society when someone says something stupid is to get worked up and/or sanctimonious, demand an apology, debate whether the apology was good enough, and then finally move on when something else distracts us. For the love of God people, they’re only words.

Admittedly, some people step in it more often than others. Take Rosie O’Donnell for example. O’Donnell, who ironically enough is one of those people who tends to blow other peoples’ words completely out of proportion, recently offended Asian Americans with her impersonation of a Chinese newscast. How should people respond to O’Donnell? Should she receive the John Rocker/Michael Richards treatment? Probably not. But her hypocrisy is certainly fair game. Let’s leave the response to Michelle Malkin.

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West Ham Sacks Alan Pardew

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2006

One of my more unusual interests (for an American) is my love of West Ham United. I was first exposed to English football while studying at Notre Dame’s London campus back in the day. Although my interest was very casual at first, I soon found myself searching for a team to support. Looking back, the search was far more intellectual than it should have been. I knew I was looking for a London team, preferably one with tradition. I also knew that I did not want to support a team that wins year in and year out. Over the years I gravitated toward West Ham but never fully committed.

After I moved to New York City, a group of pretty cool Manchester City supporters approached me and made an outstanding pitch to me to follow their squad. I looked into it and was admittedly impressed. In the end however, I followed my heart and committed to West Ham ’til I die.

Today I really feel like a West Ham supporter. The only West Ham manager I ever knew, Alan Pardew, was fired yesterday. This must be the “fortune’s always hiding” part I’ve heard so much about. The men from Upton Park are currently in a disappointing 18th place. Our American readers (just about all of them) are probably thinking, no big deal, it’s a bad season, get over it. The problem is, in the EPL, a team is relegated when they finish in the bottom three. It would be like demoting a struggling Major League Baseball team to AAA. That will not happen though. West Ham has talent. Moreover, West Ham belongs in the top flight.

From my still newbie perspective, I don’t blame Pardew for West Ham’s troubles. The club has been surrounded with distractions all season. There have been significant injuries, new players who have hurt team chemistry, and the takeover. I don’t think West Ham should forget the climb up from the Championship or last year’s amazing FA Cup run. What’s done is done though.  The talent is there and there is a lot of football to be played.  COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!

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Bush Catches a Break

Posted by Mike on December 12, 2006

With his base disgruntled, his haters motivated and his election defeat still fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s safe to say that President Bush has seen better days. In fact, things are so bad that he even started taking military advice from a commission which included Sandra Day O’Connor and Vernon Jordan. One has to wonder if Barney still supports the President?

It has indeed been a tough couple of months, but fortune smiled on our 43rd President yesterday when outgoing world dictator in his own mind Kofi Annan took a final swipe at our President in his farewell remarks as Secretary General. Annan essentially accused the President of abandoning American ideals in the War on Terror. According to the demented bastard, the decision to use force against another nation is the right thing to do only when it is “for broadly shared aims, in accordance with broadly accepted norms.” He’s basically pissy because Bush didn’t take a global test when protecting American security interests.

This is a big break for the President. The person condemning him for not “doing the right thing” is the same person who apparently thought “the right thing” was to oversee the Iraqi oil for food scandal, overspend the kickbacks on his son’s Mercedes and overlook genocide around the world.  As Secretary General, Annan repeatedly failed to use his bully pulpit to condemn evil in the world; however, he had no problem whining about the civilized world’s repsonse to it.

It is often said that people are judged by the company they keep. In this case, the President will be judged by the enemies he made. When Kofi Annan accuses you of failing to do the right thing, chances are you’re doing something right.

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