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Bush Blues

Posted by Ryan on December 20, 2006

President Bush is as “lame” a lame duck as one can get– and it’s totally his fault. He poked his head out of his cave and had a rare moment in front of the public/press about the new direction in Iraq. “We’re not winning, we’re not losing,” or something like that. “Blah, blah, (mess-up) (fumble) (restate awkwardly) blah.” In the jumbled presser today he did mention his desire to tie the proposed minimum wage increase to small business tax cuts and incentives– I like that. The Dems won’t. But I do.

On that issue, Rush had a link to this article by a dwindling MSM news outlet. It highlights just about the only thing I’ll give Bush kudos for at the moment– the economic forces and trends here that give hope to Iraq’s economy. The article highlights Iraq and the untold story of its small but growing economic success since 2005.

I wonder how many more stories will come out about the positive side of things in Iraq and how they may correlate to times when Bush occasionally cleans the egg off his face. Something to think about– the MSM will allow us to win as long as winning makes Bush look tarnished in some way. It has been very difficult to this point, but with the Dems steering Congress (wherever that ship ends up) and Bush having to concede this or that policy position, the MSM may have found their formula.

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