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How Liberals View Republicans

Posted by Ryan on January 1, 2007


Ha! Just some New Year’s fun from the Fox News archives. But, speaking to many Libs over the last three years, this isn’t too far off the mark: Dick Cheney is Darth Vader, Karl Rove (or sometimes Rumsfeld) is the Emperor, Halliburton and Big Oil are the Evil Empire itself, and anyone who wears a flag pin on their lapel is automatically a stormtrooper!

On another note, I have some predictions for this coming year in politics. These are solely my own points of view. So, in 2007:


  • The Dems will begin overstepping their slim “mandate” way before the State of the Union. The investigations and obstruction will start very quickly.
  • The “New Tone” will return with disasterous results for Republicans and conservatism.
  • The moderate Republicans will support John McCain for 2008 in lockstep, even though behind the scenes everyone will trash him.
  • Conservatives, including me, will find Newt Gingrich as their man– we love to fall on our own swords in principle sometimes. Newt will focus the debate on conservative ideals and pull all the frontrunners squarely to the right.
  • Iran will test a nuke and immediately send Hezbollah out for another round in Israel to push Iran’s new regional hegemony.
  • Kim Jung Who?
  • A terror plot aimed at GWB will be foiled. In retaliation for Saddam’s execution (or one of a thousand reasons these people come up with to kill Bush while listening to bleeting sheep/goats as they stare at the desert night sky), someone will unsuccessfully try to get Bush on an overseas trip.
  • Iraq will look much the same going into 2008. We’ll have new goals and a few less troops by year’s end, but as nearly every soldier over there says, it’ll just take time to work itself out.
  • Or, none of these things will, in fact, happen in 2007, as we live our lives day-to-day making the world turn.

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First post of 2007

Posted by Sal on January 1, 2007

To all our loyal readers, have a happy new year, and may 2007 be the best year yet. 

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