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The “White” Stuff

Posted by Ryan on January 3, 2007

I hate to be the self-appointed AOR Barack (or Barak, I can’t seem to find consistency on that one) basher, but here he is, taking the first steps into being a true potential Democratic Presidential nominee in 2008– he used cocaine and referred to himself as a “junkie” and a “pothead” when referring to his angst-ridden past.

Think like a Democrat now… This makes him flawed. This means he’s had personal trials and tribulations that he’s had to overcome in heroic fashion. This means he can be loved by all the flawed Democrats who brushed off the “I didn’t inhale” smack back in the day (yet ripped Dubya for mere unsubstantiated rumors about coke use 20 years ago). He’s already a “victim” because of his racial struggles so all his past can be ignored. I don’t mind the precedent of just looking at voting records and achievements (being a Newt fan, myself) but honestly, if he were a Republican, he’d be macaca right about now.

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