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Movie Review– Children of Men

Posted by Ryan on January 6, 2007

In 1992 P. D. James wrote a dystopic book called “The Children of Men” where she chronicles a world where no more children are being born due to mass infertility which becomes total within a generation as women can no longer conceive. Let the mayhem begin!

The (ahem) 2006 film adaptation of the book has been reviewed well by nearly all in Hollywood. Having just seen the film, I wanted to add my voice to the chorus of praise for this movie. One can tell that this is a story which came from the mind of a discontented Thatcher-era Brit– evil fascists takeover in a world where there’s no hope, except for a few who dream to fight the system. Charming… but we’ve been there recently (V for Vendetta–2005). What I like about this film is that as it dwells on a hopeless world, it focuses on a hopeful message not just for the factions involved, but for humanity. All while showing us a view of what might happen to a society when it can see, without any doubts, that it literally has no future.

Honestly, it kind of looked like a liberal utopia at points: widely available euthanasia, sex without consequence or morality, government control of nearly every aspect of life, etc. Of course, there’s contemporary inferences: street battles in Britain that look like Gaza, the ominous “Homeland Security” signs designed to spark fear I’m sure, a few faded anti-Iraq War clippings (the film is set in November 2027), and a reactionary view of illegal aliens designed to foster fuzzy thoughts of amnesty.

Yet, the kooks are kooks, the heroes are real, and the action is pretty intense at times. There are a few plot twists and it leaves us in thought wanting more. I liked how it quickly grapples you into its world, gives you hope for a chance for humanity, and leaves you wondering where the future might lie or if that hope, in the end will die. Because of the mood, the action, the chances it takes and the places it brings us, I wholeheartedly recommend this movie!

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