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And the Band Played On

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2007

The Ohio State band’s halftime performance featuring the theme song to Titanic is that much funnier with Florida leading 34-14.  That said, I hope the Gators blow it.

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Airstrike in Somalia

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2007

An American gunship has conducted an airstrike against Al Qaeda operatives in Somalia. It’s good to see some offense in the War on Terror. Hopefully, more of our actions will be publicized like this one.

Mark Levin is on the air anticipating liberal reactions to this latest round of offense in the War on Terror:

  • This airstrike distracts us from the hunt for Bin Laden;
  • The terrorists didn’t receive a fair trial
  • The terrorists didn’t receive due process

That’s a good list, but let’s not forget:

  • Killing the terrorists will only turn them into martyrs;
  • There should be an investigation to determine if the Al Qaeda operatives made any phone calls to the U.S. which were illegally wiretapped by the Bush war machine without a properly executed warrant;
  • This is another example of a rush to war without U.N. approval;
  • We should have done more to secure our ports before we gallivanted around the world on another military mission;
  • There should be an investigation to determine if big companies like Halliburton profited from the airstrike;
  • It’s time to redeploy from Somalia; and,
  • Why can’t Bush just admit that he made a mistake?

I’m sure there are more. Or is military action acceptable now that the Democrats control Congress?

UPDATE: The strike may have killed one of the terrorists responsible for the 1998 African embassy bombings. Allahpundit has the details and history.

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Great Playoff Weekend Wraps Up

Posted by Ryan on January 8, 2007

  • According to Drudge, the House is closed for business due to the impending BCS Championship Game. As noted in the article, the House was supposed to be in session a full five days a week now according to new Democratic rules. I’m also waiting for those 100 hours to start. I honestly thought that they had already. So, what’s the point in having a “100 Days” hype-fest just to postpone it, spread it out or split it up? I suppose there are 100 hours in roughly 4.17 days, but that could be one hour here, another hour there. It’s laughable! But, as the government is shut down, I’d at least like to see an entertaining game tonight.
  • The New York Giants lost yesterday 23-20. They showed up for two drives (one early, one late) to make it close, but alas ended up 8-9 for the season. Suddenly, I had two friends today at work excitedly mention that Charlie Weis may replace Tom Coughlin, who did bring the Giants to the playoffs and still has a year under his current contract anyway. Hmm… I think I’ve seen this film and know how it ends.
  • Go Patriots! It was a scrappy 2 1/2 quarters yesterday. You can never count the Jets out, but the Pats outplayed them down the stretch to a 37-16 victory. I really like Mangini and Pennington and respect that organization. Had they beaten the Patriots, I would now be rooting for them (after a day or two to sulk). They’re classy, scrappy, and play a blue-collar style of football that has matured from its start under Herm Edwards. They’ll be back next year. I think the match-ups in all of next week’s games are great. It’ll be hard to call any of them with confidence.
  • With that said my picks are as follows: Ravens wear down and eventually beat Indy, Bears squash Seattle’s dream for consecutive NFC Championships by exploiting their weak secondary, Pats pull off the upset in glorious fashion (finger’s crossed very very tightly!), Nawlins has a great day matching Garcia drive for drive in a close one.

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Conservatives Conservative About Running

Posted by Mike on January 8, 2007

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have an interesting piece in today’s New York Post about the absence of a conservative candidate in the 2008 primary. Morris and McGann sort of pooh pooh any specifics about Newt Gingrich, but their overall argument is certainly well taken.

I suppose that now is the time to start thinking about 2008. Some candidates have already filed paperwork or even announced their candidacy. I’ll post my thoughts on the each candidate over the next couple of weeks.

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