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Woe Is She

Posted by Mike on January 15, 2007

Disturbed that John Edwards would dare challenge her ascension to the throne, She Who Must Not Be Named unleashed her loyal Death Eater, I mean spokesman, Howard Wolfson to rebut Edwards’ recent veiled swipe at those who have not hysterically screamed to strip our troops of the funding they need.

“In 2004, John Edwards used to constantly brag about running a positive campaign. Today, he has unfortunately chosen to open his campaign with political attacks on Democrats who are fighting the Bush administration’s Iraq policy,” said Clinton adviser Howard Wolfson.

This is the crowned jewel of her family’s political playbook. You see, She Who Must Not Be Named usually cannot allow the debate to focus on what she stands for. At this moment, her concern is Democrat primary voters. Those voters are not inclined to support a candidate who would fund our troops. Therefore, she must change the subject. Enter the negative attack play.

First, you accuse your opponent of an unfair negative attack. Then make a non-specific reference to some issue you are allegedly working on, sometimes “for the children.” Here, She Who Must Not Be Named is “fighting the Bush administration’s Iraq policy.” There is no mention of how she is doing so of course, but the commoners have no need for such details. The media will then do their duty and focus on the “unfair negative attacks” while the second coming of Evita “gets back to work for the American people.”

We’ve seen this play before. Although it’s nice to see it used against a snake oil salesman for a change, the GOP should be paying attention. The Dark Lady won’t hesitate to use this play against them.

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2 Responses to “Woe Is She”

  1. Ryan said

    I think this is great! The true nature of the Democratic Party is being shown to us through this debate– it is a party of multiple faces that cannot just “come together’ after the convention in 2008. These are real, fundamental differences that open the doors for Republican criticism in the future. This is what I see:
    1. Edwards is taking the liberal cut-and-run approach to shore up moonbat votes and financial support as the “outsider” spokesperson.
    2. She Who Must Not Be Named and her loyal Deatheaters are taking the political savvy position of having once supported the war, now running away from the troops in order to lose gracefully. She’ll get quite damaged on this point before the primaries are over.
    3. So, that leaves Barack Osama as the pretty-boy in this cycle following the long, distinguished tradition of Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, and formerly John Edwards. He looks good– that alone is enough for 35% of the Democratic vote.

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