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Democrats Have a Mandate to Bring Back the Draft?

Posted by Mike on January 16, 2007

Democrat Charlie Rangel is once again planning to introduce legislation reinstating the draft. That’s odd considering Rangel’s party hammered President Bush on this very issue in 2004, falsely accusing him of having a secret plan to do what they now propose. Right Wing News has the Republican response the nation should but probably won’t hear.

The draft is terrible idea at this moment in history. Just try to imagine the Kos Kid from Marin County who gets drafted and is then armed with a rifle while in close proximity to our real troops. I’ll give Rangel the benefit of the doubt on this one by saying he simply doesn’t know what he’s doing. It wouldn’t be the first time.

One Response to “Democrats Have a Mandate to Bring Back the Draft?”

  1. Ryan said

    Great article from Right Wing News! It’s all true and kind of sick: pushing for a draft to spite the military? Disgusting. The military doesn’t want a draft because an all-volunteer force like today’s is better trained, better motivated, and more focused than any slew of spoiled brats from Marin County or Bergen County for that matter! What happened to the Republicans? Bring back Newt– at least he fights back!

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