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Democrats Let Webb Out in Public

Posted by Mike on January 16, 2007

Senator Jim Webb of Virginia has been selected to deliver the Democrat response to President Bush’s upcoming State of the Union address.  Parental discretion is advised.

3 Responses to “Democrats Let Webb Out in Public”

  1. madmouser said

    I appreciate the parental discretion advisory. I would go so far as to place an X-rating on everything he says or writes. I cannot believe people voted him into public office. It certainly doesn’t speak well of them.

  2. Chris said

    As this article from his ‘de-facto campaign propaganda periodical’ , he has no class and I can’t wait to see how he messes this up…maybe he’ll even show us his temper.

    I always said that Fairfax Co is Bergen Co with left turns and now like Bergen County, Fairfax is moving to the political left and is, with its growing population, threatening to cancel out the right votes in VA. Now I know why NoVA is considered the seceded territory.

  3. Ryan said

    I can’t wait to hear his whining, his rudeness, his holier-than-thou pov after what I expect to be a decent speech by the President. Again, I anticipate that the Republicans will come out looking like the adults and the Dems will again be those bratty teenagers you should have told to shut up and be respectful even to those with whom you disagree back when they were young.

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