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Republicans Matter

Posted by Sal on January 17, 2007

Even the most liberal Republicans can sometimes be better than a Democrat (Lincoln Chaffee is the exception).  NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, whom I am no fan of, proposed yesterday to take the New York City budget surplus and convert it into tax cuts, specifically by cutting property taxes by 5% and eliminating the sales tax on clothing.  Granted, Bloomberg has in the past raised taxes, but at least in a good economy he is now cutting them.  In the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, however, newly-elected Governor Deval Patrick (D), who ran on scores of new programs and property tax relief (two vastly opposing goals) is already going back on his promise (surprise, surprise, he worked for the Clinton administration).  Not only is he not going to provide property tax relief, he is going to create new taxes on lodging and meals.  So while a liberal Republican will occasionally do the right thing, a liberal Democrat most certainly will not. 

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