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American Idol is a Show! Deal!

Posted by Ryan on January 20, 2007

American Idol is many things: one of which is a talent contest!  If you have no talent and can’t take criticism from experts in control of millions of dollars in record deals and endorsements, don’t audition!  This story from the AP is absolutely obnoxious!

Have you ever watched American Idol past the first few weeks of the bad people?  This is a serious contest and Paula, Randy and Simon have to listen to every single person and make judgments about who America will buy and listen to.  99.9% of all auditioners are going home that day.  You can’t take it personally if after a long day of listening to bad singers they make a few comments about how bad you are!  Relish the fact that you made it on TV!  So the editors made this season seem meaner.  I do think they’re edgier, but also more entertaining– it’s the sixth season, they have to do something to get people to keep watching!

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