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She’s In

Posted by Mike on January 20, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named has formed her exploratory committee for President. This comes as no surprise as she’s been running for years.  However, she has now kicked her campaign into high gear.  Several pages from her family’s political playbook have already been used against those who would dare challenge her. Earlier in the week, She Who Must Not Be Named played the “negative attack” card against John Edwards. More recently, her Death Eaters tossed political sewage at Barrack Obama, accusing him of concealing his Muslim heritage. If you think that’s over the line, just wait until she focuses on the Republican nominee.

This family’s political machine is one of the nastiest operations imaginable. They have shown that they will stop at nothing to attain power. Once in office, they will stop at nothing to retain power. This site will never be accused of having any sort of respect for Barrack Obama, but it is amazing how She Who Must Not Be Named has the power to make even Obama appear slightly sympathetic.

Photo from Jewish World Review

3 Responses to “She’s In”

  1. madmouser said

    Shrillary must be stopped. She is a total abomination.

  2. Ryan said

    She Who Must Not Be Named… Victim-in-Chief? The “other half” of the Clinton team that NO ONE ever wanted to see back in the day? I’ve been wondering when this slag was going to do it.

    Now it’s official– and announced during the slow news cycle of the weekend for maximum coverage no less. I agree that the slimiest political team since Brutus and Servilla is about to wreak havoc all over Osama Obama, John “Breck Girl” Edwards, and any other “also ran” in this race before launching an all-out Pyrrhic assault on the Republican nominee. Damn the Republic! As long as the Death Eaters get their way and Bill Clinton gets back in the White House.

    We are witnessing the only reasons why she stayed with BJ, put up with the humilation of sticking with the philanderer-in-chief (or as my father calls him, the “Degenerate Bum”), ran for Senate, and had to pretend to be hawkish so that her votes would help her with weak-kneed moderates in the general. It’s reckoning time. I think America has a clear mission– win the Quidditch match, unravel the mystery, find the horcruxes, and for God’s sake, vote for the other guy!

  3. Gauvin said

    Wait a minute! Although I am a huge fan of the kick ass combination of Octavian and Atia of the Julii, I don’t think it’s fair to compare Bubba and She Who Must Not Be Named to Brutus and Servilla. At least the latter pair really believed what they did was for the good of the Republic. Altruism is a four letter word to the pair from New York, or Washington, or Arkansas. . .

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