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Now They Think She’s Margaret Thatcher

Posted by Mike on January 21, 2007

Prepare to vomit. Terry McAuliffe has come out swinging on behalf of She Who Must Not Be Named, somehow managing to tell the media with a straight face that his candidate is reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher. What Terry needs to realize is that notion of Thatcher having a pair was only a metaphor. There are no similarities between the two.

As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher privatized a number of state-controlled entities, transforming Britain’s economy in the process. She also believed in confronting her nation’s enemies, standing beside Ronald Reagan in his crusade to topple the Soviet Union. Thatcher’s leadership and accomplishments as Prime Minister solidified her place on the “Trinity of Freedom.” The junior Senator from New York can only dream of such greatness.

As First Lady, the New York Senator attempted to nationalize one seventh of the U.S. economy. On the most important foreign policy issue of the day, her position has been to be as vague as possible until finally being forced to advocate the opposite of what President Bush advocates simply because it is what President Bush advocates. Even Thatcher’s opponents would not call her positions unclear or disingenuous.

She Who Must Not Be Named probably doesn’t really believe that she is anything like Margaret Thatcher, but she wants the voters to. In the end, this is latest example of the only viable strategy for electing a Democrat to national office. Confuse the voters into thinking you share some of the views from the right even when you don’t. McAuliffe will not be the last person to make this absurd comparison. It will be repeated ad nauseum until the soccer moms actually believe it. Hopefully, McAuliffe’s recent history will repeat itself.

Hot Air has a great roundup of these early stages of the “historic” campaign, including a video of the announcement straight from the horse’s mouth.

AP photo

One Response to “Now They Think She’s Margaret Thatcher”

  1. Ryan said

    McAuliffe is a mighty joke, bringing the comparison out way too early. There is still plenty of time to drop these praises on the cow. Pretty soon She Who Must Not Be Named will sport a Madonna-like British accent and aw-shucks her opponents’ criticisms.

    That, or she’ll continue to be the annoying slag that she is. I believe that Democrats are all about show, not substance, that keeping and maintaining power is more important than accomplishments, or even winning a war. I’m just waiting for the Christ-like comparisons to emerge as they embrace their coveted church-and-state separation in front of a wiley black church early next year.

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