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Congratulations Colts

Posted by Ryan on January 22, 2007

The score was 38-34 going into the last drive of the game in the loud and proud RCA Dome in Indianapolis. One mistake, the game ends. All it would take is some consistency, determination and power. It came. The game ended. The Patriots won in the final seconds. Unfortunately, that was three seasons ago and the last time these two teams met in Indy.

Last night the Colts were down 34-31 going into what may have been the last drive of the game. Manning was smarting in pain from a thumb injury suffered earlier that half, this was the AFC Championship game against his perennial arch-rival the New England Patriots, there was under 3 minutes on the clock. If Manning can do it, he earns, after such a long time and after so many things said in the media and about him and his team, the right to go to the Super Bowl for the first time in his sure to be Hall-of-Fame career. And you know what… he did it. He pulled it off taking the lead, giving Brady the ball with 54 seconds left. After the biggest comeback in AFC championship history, It was up to Brady to win the game. He couldn’t.

But, what a game! Wow! That’s why I love football! As a Pats fan it hurts, but oh well– we did better than last season. I’m an AFC guy, so I truly hope Manning gets his ring over the Bears in two weeks. Congratulations to the Colts being down 21-6 at halftime, with an absolutely stunned-looking Manning, and coming back to win in dramatic fashion! Good luck in Miami!

Reuters photo.

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