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Biased Coverage of March for Life

Posted by Mike on January 24, 2007

This piece from Life News dissects the Washington Compost’s biased coverage of Monday’s March For Life.

Biased coverage of the March for Life is old news to those who have ever attended. Those who have been there know the ratio of pro-life to pro-choice marchers is overwhelming. The Life News piece is not exaggerating. If the pro-choice side of the debate could attract such numbers for a March of their own, there would have been front page coverage.

2 Responses to “Biased Coverage of March for Life”

  1. Leticia said

    I used to attend the March for Life as a teenager in the seventies, back when Nellie Gray would announce the Park Service crowd estimates, at around 60,000, and the news media would say, on page 27 that 20,000 had attended. Then they would switch to the 12 women with coathangers in front of St. Parick’s in New York. That was fair and balanced back then.
    The only thing that has changed is cable news, including C-span, and Fox News, whose sattelite uplink truck I saw, and of course our own EWTN, which is a Godsend!
    And then there are the bloggers! I am proud to be part of the new media which strives to bring fair coverage to this event. I had a busy day for my blog, which I began in October, and it’s for that reason that Family Research Council had a Bloggers for Life Conference before and after the March.
    I plan to give updates on Senator Sam Brownback’s presidential campaign on my blog, I met him at the conference, and he is the most Catholic politician I know. He knows what he’s doing in politics, and really has a chance to knock out those three RINOs(Guiliani, McPain, and Romney) in the primaries.

  2. Noonan said

    Gauvin, I could not agree more. Although I did not make it to the March this year, I have been many times in the past and the AP article always says something to the effect of “thousands came” and I think I even once saw “hundreds” describing the massive rally around the Supreme Court which is where the entire March ends each year. From friends who went, however, the word is that this year may have been the biggest crowd yet and overwhelmingly consisting of young people. ND’s contingent apparently sold out all of its 250 bus seats, leaving others to attend the St. Joseph County March for Life on the courthouse in the Bend. With two new S/Ct Justices, and 4 of the youngest 5 on the Court, and a growing culture of life there are certainly signs of hope, though much work remains to be done.

    On another note, as requested from when you visited, my blog is I haven’t posted anything since November but I hope to get back to it soon. Also, since we last talked I got good news on the NY & NJ bars, but am thinking about moving back south. Give me a call sometime, hope to catch up soon.

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