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British Left Isn’t “For the Children”

Posted by Mike on January 26, 2007

Tony Blair’s Labour government is about to propose a law prohibiting adoption agencies from refusing to place children with same-sex couples. At issue in the debate is a proposed exemption for religious organizations. The Telegraph is reporting that Blair has already caved under pressure from the anti-Christian forces within the Labour party.  However, the BBC is reporting that the issue is still being considered.

I’m amazed that there is even a possibility that the Commons would pass a law without an exemption, especially considering previous statements by Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor that such a proposal would force the Church to close its adoption agencies. Unfortunately, many parentless children will suffer if the government interferes with private charities. Although there appears to be a consensus that the Church’s charity work has done much good, that good may be forced to yield to Old Labour’s decision to impose their secular values on everybody else.

Equally interesting is the reaction among non-Catholic religious organizations. Leading Muslims and the Church of England have sided with the Catholic Church. The BBC quotes two Archbishops who wrote to Blair to state the obvious:

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, have written to Tony Blair to argue that “rights of conscience cannot be made subject to legislation, however well-meaning”

We have faced the same debate here in America. Regardless of location, it’s a shame to see children as collateral damage in a war against freedom of religion. Although we should remember to commend Blair for his past efforts to distinguish himself from the Star Wars bar scene that is his party, it is still a shame that he is losing his touch to tame Old Labour. Of course, it would be interesting to hear David Cameron’s thoughts on this. Or have the focus group results not come in yet?

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