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A Woman President?

Posted by Ryan on January 27, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named went on to elaborate on some of her positions and how they have “evolved” over the last few years. There is a lot in this piece that is telling: she’s still fighting with her conscience (sorry, I meant to write “political instincts”) for authorizing the Iraq War and having to abandon the troops to get her party’s support; she thinks she’ll win with ease over Obama, but can’t say so without looking like a jerk; she even believes that Amerca is ready for a woman President, which leads one to wonder if she’ll actually support one if a female eventually decides to run; and she seems to be ready to do what Bill did to Dubya– kick Iraq off to the next President.

I happen to agree with one of those points. I think America is ready for a woman President too. But we aren’t stupid! NO ONE is neutral on She Who Must Not Be Named. No voters over the age of 22 are undecided. However, if the right woman ran, I think America would vote for her if she convinced enough that her positions are better than her opponents. She Who Must Not Be Named cannot do that. We know who she is, where she would take us, and what her personal integrity is all about– political expediency. I wouldn’t vote for anyone with her positions regardless of the candidate’s gender. I don’t think America will either.

Photo from American Partisan.

4 Responses to “A Woman President?”

  1. whitishrabbit said

    Why do people love to hate Hillary so much? Every time I hear her talk, be it on P.B.S. or C-Span, she makes sense. Maybe that’s the problem…

  2. Ryan said

    I believe she would be in a totally different position had she dumped Bill back in 1998. The mere fact that she played the ignorant and submissive victim while he was cheating on her all these years seems to only suggest that she, herself, had political ambitions and needed that jerk to move herself forward. That’s quite shallow.

    Also, in 1993, as an unelected anything, she got together with Rhode Island’s own Ira Magaziner to find ways to socialize 1/7th of the nation’s economy into a bloated and inefficient gov’t program. Health Care is an important issue, but her ideas were frightening and, again, she wasn’t elected to anything, so where did she get off wielding so much weight, bossing so many people around?

    Also, her husband’s foibles were part of that whole “vast right-wing conspiracy” thing? Laughable hysteria that she took out habitually on people like George Stephonapolis, Dee Myers, Dick Morris, and the intern staff in general while she was first lady. She was not even a nice person.

    But, that was then. In the Senate she has tried to play both sides of the fence on Iraq, the most important issue of our day. With her history of being a political hack, her base convictions of the use of military and protecting the homeland come into account. What does she really believe? Is political expediency more important that what is the morally right thing to do? She’s an enigma and an unstable one at that. Either she’s super gullible or she’s a cold, calculating politician who’s ambitions are more important than her own self-esteem.

    That’s why she’s not a good candidate for President in my book.

  3. Chris said

    She probably wounldn’t win an American Idol competition as this video proves… SHE GOT THE WORDS WRONG…A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE NOT KNOWING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!! Only her thighness could get away with that.

  4. Chris said

    “I WANT TO TAKE THOSE PROFITS…” How scary is that!!! Sounds more Socialist and Communist than anything…something we’d probably hear the Venezuelan dictator say. Americans and the Republican Party had better wake up!!!

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