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Not Fond of Fonda

Posted by Ryan on January 28, 2007

Jane Fonda, who should still be serving time for treason, was at it again in a rather small DC anti-Iraq War protest yesterday. A few dozen Freepers showed up to call them traitors, etc., but the real fun was set on stage. They said that word again. The only word the neo-Marxist United For Peace, ANSWR, and the Moonbats really know how to say at these melees which gets the brainwashed masses to swoon: “peace”.

Yet, the thoughtful person may ask: “Peace” is a noble goal, but how is America withdrawing from Iraq going to bring peace to anyone?

  • A Sunni-Shia civil war funded by al-Qaeda and Iran will turn the area into a bloodbath the likes of which would make Rwanda look like scraping one’s knees while roller blading.
  • Turkey would immediately invade the newly formed Kurdistan to prevent that new nation from even forming.
  • American interests would not be served as two or three new Taliban-era-style Afghanistans pop up in the center of the Mideast, all emboldened by a fresh showing of a lack of American “stick-to-it-ivness.”
  • The new crisis would force a future President to send troops in again since no one else would to any effect (except Iran, of course).
  • The instability would force Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan to pursue nuclear weapons as Iran’s new hegemony as their inroads into Shia Iraq would grow.
  • Forget about oil prices and the fate of Israel as a newly bold Hezbollah takes advantage of America’s newly distant proximity from their backyard!

In my opinion, these hippies at the protest yesterday need to put down the pot, drink some vinegar, read more than the New York Slimes and the Nation, and get grounded in reality: leaving Iraq before the situation is at least stable is a bad idea on a practical, military, and on a humanitarian level. They’re floating a thin line now, where the troops may start being part of their problem shortly. Even now, funding them is an open debate amongst the Dems and the Moobats. That’s pretty scary to me.

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