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Posted by Ryan on January 30, 2007

Apparently, AOR is not the only place where conservatives are less than enthusiastic about the current crop of GOP candidates.  I have had a theory that for a successful GOP run in 2008, oddly, we need a George W. Bush-type candidate (to say Reagan-esque is just not being fair!) that can do all of the following.  Think about it:

  • He had great name recognition in 2000, obviously.
  • As an evangelical Methodist, he got the Christian conservatives on board with his pro-life platform.
  • He had governing experience in a large state AND was reelected there.
  • He had a history of appointing conservative judges and cutting taxes.
  • Whatever you think about this, Bush is strong on national defense and was so in 2000 (minus the borders, but to be fair, he doesn’t even see that as a national security issue).
  • And on all of these things he was reelected to America’s first majority President since 1988.

No one running today has that kind of name recognition (maybe McCain), evangelical status (no one) who is a pro-life strict constructionist who actually has experience cutting taxes and can prove that they are strong on national defense in their rhetoric/actions (especially in today’s poisonous environment).  It’s too bad, but it is still early.

Picture from Blue NC.

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