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Symbolically Smacking Abortion

Posted by Ryan on February 14, 2007

Tennessee is weighing a bill that would require aborted babies to have death certificates for data gathering purposes.  Wow, almost as if they were alive at one point, huh?  If it was never “alive”, then it couldn’t have “died”, or so the logic goes. Bills like this, which are not likely to survive the TN Democrat controlled state senate, continue to show emboldened pro-lifers not taking any guff.  Republicans, in general, can learn a lot from the pro-life attitude on issues of importance to them– keep fighting, push the edges, and get the people in the middle to see that your point fo view is as much a moral issue as a practical one.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Mike Bloomberg

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2007

I don’t want to attract the kind of search engine traffic that could accompany a story like this one, so I’ll be as brief and nondescript as possible.  This idea is, at a minimum, an absurd misuse of taxpayer dollars.  Why should taxpayers have to pay for other New Yorkers’ Valentine’s Day bliss?

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Back to Basics

Posted by Ryan on February 14, 2007

Finally, someone reminded Republicans that what’s at stake in Iraq is more than just sound-bytes and political points.  The debate on Iraq that is currently going on in Congress has devolved into populist “redeployment” or a more direct poll driven cut-and-run point of view.  However, some Republicans have figured it out:  what’s at stake is the future of radical Islam in the greater Middle East, American “sticktoitiveness”, and a victory in the face of Zawahiri and Iran.  Mike Shadegg figured out that one needs to articulate this message, even if John Boehner has been as quite as Bush on this issue.

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