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It’s Still Cold in Antarctica!

Posted by Ryan on February 16, 2007

The global warming nuts have another problem this morning: Antarctica is not behaving the way it should, i.e. melting away to a tropical paradise like the rest of the world should be. The problem some of these scientists observe is that certain temperature and precipitation levels have not changed in a way consistent with projected global warming models; more precipitation and warmer temperatures are supposed to be happening, but they’re not.

So, why aren’t they happening? According to the article, Antarctica does not have a large numbers of weather stations, so they must be missing something. This is the height of bad science! You observe what’s there, not what you think should be there! If the predictions are wrong based on real observations, keep monitoring or observing, but by no means try to take what info you have and apply it to a biased model you think it should fit into. This kind of bad science raises all sorts of questions about these scientists, their biases, their methods, and their global warming paradigm.

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