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Gay Marriage in New Jersey

Posted by Ryan on February 18, 2007

As of 12:01am Monday, gay marriages will be performed legally for the first time ever in the Garden State, making Jersey the second state in the Union to allow such legal proceedings to take place after Massachusetts.  Some are trying to get the NJ Constitution to clearly define marriage as a union between an man and a woman, others are cheering this as a big step towards equal rights for New Jersey’s homosexual community.

Without drawing hate from “open-minded” people who don’t want to hear another point of view on this issue, I’ll leave the readers with some questions:

  • What if the couple gets married in New Jersey and moves to Kansas demanding that Kansas recognize their union?  Does one think that “full faith and credit” constitutional issues are likely to arise?
  • What if they want a divorce within the first five years of marriage as heterosexual couples are notorious for doing? Are the same legal principles still in play?
  • What if a 60 year old man wants to marry his 12 year old niece and two of her 12 year old friends, one male one female?  While that’s not legal now, what about the importance of love in a relationship?  Who are we to say that their love is not true and should not be condoned by law? Why should there be legal hurdles against their right to consummate their love in a public way?

See since this door has been opened, you cannot argue that the third bullet is completely ridiculous.  Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas (1954) started with desegregating public schools, but the legal principle ostensibly, then legally, spread to all public areas, regardless of the non-educational component of public rest areas, water fountains, and public bus stops– and not just in Kansas either.  I’m just concerned that proponents of gay marriage have not thought through the consequences of the legal aspect of gay marriage, relying on the emotional charge implicit with any talk of “two people loving one another.”  Let’s watch and see where this goes in the future.

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