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Amillia Sonja Taylor and the Miracle of Life

Posted by Mike on February 19, 2007

Amillia Sonja Taylor is scheduled to leave the hospital and go home with her parents tomorrow. What’s amazing about this is the fact that she was born less than 22 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy. The two awe-inspiring photos shown above are of Amillia when she was just a few days old. In the first photo, she is shown as barely larger than the ball point pen beside her. The second is of the nurse holding her feet. Amillia has fought quite a battle and can now claim to have conquered her first life challenge by going home.

Stories like this are heartwarming because they allow us to witness the miracle of life. At this moment, countless babies conceived 22 weeks ago are still in the womb. Like Amillia, they are precious human beings who deserve to be protected by law. When I played word association with these two photos, the word that came into my head was “child”, not “choice.”

First photo: Business Week
Second photo: AP
Hat tip: Drudge

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Sweet Jesus!

Posted by Ryan on February 19, 2007

Some elements in the waning Anglican Church are thinking about a rapprochement with the Catholic Church over the issue of what place the “Bishop of Rome” (aka- the Pope) could have in their church.  With Roman Catholicism about ready to overtake the Church of England in the UK and with a schism brewing over the issue of gay ordinations and female priests, the conservative elements of the Anglican Church are taking another look at the papacy as a unifying force for their faith.

I think this is not only awesome, but also truly consistent with one of Pope Benedict’s major goals as pontiff: to reunify the Christian churches if possible.  With the Archbishop of Canterbury’s ear and a visit to the Orthodox Patriarch last year, maybe a reconciliation is brewing in our lifetimes.  Truly historic if it can be done!

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