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Amillia Sonja Taylor and the Miracle of Life

Posted by Mike on February 19, 2007

Amillia Sonja Taylor is scheduled to leave the hospital and go home with her parents tomorrow. What’s amazing about this is the fact that she was born less than 22 weeks into her mother’s pregnancy. The two awe-inspiring photos shown above are of Amillia when she was just a few days old. In the first photo, she is shown as barely larger than the ball point pen beside her. The second is of the nurse holding her feet. Amillia has fought quite a battle and can now claim to have conquered her first life challenge by going home.

Stories like this are heartwarming because they allow us to witness the miracle of life. At this moment, countless babies conceived 22 weeks ago are still in the womb. Like Amillia, they are precious human beings who deserve to be protected by law. When I played word association with these two photos, the word that came into my head was “child”, not “choice.”

First photo: Business Week
Second photo: AP
Hat tip: Drudge

35 Responses to “Amillia Sonja Taylor and the Miracle of Life”

  1. Ryan said

    I completely agree. If there is one more place we can extend rights why not try the 14th Amendment extending into the womb. Lacy and Connor’s bill and those like it open the door to rights for the unborn.

  2. wrongwords said

    As much as I want to agree with you after seeing these pictures and reading the reports, I can’t.

    People have a fundamental right to control what is going on in their bodies (I’ll leave the debate about illegal drugs out of this). Pregnancy is a major life change for women, and government cannot, in good conscience, legislate their will on what women can or cannot do with their bodies. People may argue that abortions are murder, but the fact is that it is the mother who has to bring that fetus to term. She is the one undergoing changes in her body, so she must have the final say.

    We have to ask ourselves what the larger social impact of abortions is. Is there one? Is it negative? Positive? I do not agree that society has been damaged because of abortions becoming ‘mainstream’.

    But I realize I’m just pissing into the wind on this. It is an emotionally charged topic, and will forever remain so. But I maintain that governments make a mistake whenever they legislate against a woman’s right to choose.

  3. Sharon M said

    I had twins born at 22 1/2 weeks and the doctors would not even try to save them! This family is so fortunate that they had doctors willing to try.

  4. snarky said

    I won’t repeat the debate here about a government’s right to protect children versus the mother’s right to control her body, other than to say that States like Florida who routinely allow foster children to be murdered and beaten while in the custody of foster parents have no leg to stand on as far as their interest in children.

    What I will say is that you can’t eliminate the right to abortion while also cutting funding for sex education and contraceptives, and blocking over-the-counter prescriptions of RU-486, because then you are leaving a great deal of women no choice in contraception. If the current administration were really serious about respecting life, it would spend its money educating people in how to respect safe sex and giving them the tools necessary to avert an unwanted pregnancy. Abstinence education ain’t going to cut it and is about as irresponsible as when the government officials in Africa tell people to avoid AIDS by using beetroot. Most women don’t ever want to get an abortion – giving them options will severely lower the numbers (which are quite low as it is) and will serve to phase out what we can all agree is a horrible procedure.

  5. Peggy H. said

    A woman who finds out she is pregnant and decides she does not want to carry this fetus to term, or to raise this child MUST be allowed to make her OWN choices. Do people think about what this country would be like of the hundreds of thousands of babies that have already been aborted were actually born to the women (or teenagers)who did not want them? And those women had to raise those children? Some of those kids are in jail now! They were not wanted and they were raised by mothers who treated them like dirt and now they are criminals in our jails. Those are the woman who decided it was better to have the baby than to get an abortion. Not every woman has the ability to carry an unwanted baby to term and then place the baby for adoption. Every woman MUST have the choice and the ability to abort an unwanted pregnancy.

  6. Anonymous said

    It is all so easy to say…prochoice…when you aren’t the life inside.

  7. Ryan said

    Abstinence education is not irresponsible. I won’t pick up HPV if I don’t have sex. My girlfriend won’t get pregnant if we don’t have sex. Asking people to make a “choice” not to have sex is not irresponsible. Asking them to think about sex before having it by taking the pill or buying their own condoms is not irresponsible either, and truth be told, abstinence is the only fail-safe way to avoid STI’s and pregnancy. It’s sensible and doesn’t cost the taxpayer too much overhead to supply to our high school seniors or colleges.

    My problem with the abortion debate is that each side doesn’t want to hear what the other side has to say. In their heart-felt argument pro-lifers don’t set out to oppress women, and pro-choicers aren’t cavalier about murdering in-utero children in their hearts.

    I believe that morally it is hard to argue the pro-choice position above that of the pro-lifers. Life begins at conception. It is not opinion, it is scientific fact more understood and plain than even global warming is. The problem is there are pregnancies of choice and those that did not come about as a result of a conscious choice.

    Example: being lax with making one’s boyfriend use a condom or being inconsistent or lazy with the birth control pill and getting pregnant is a pregnancy of choice– you chose to not act under those circumstances. Therefore you “chose” (by one’s own actions) the consequences of that action.
    Example: getting raped and pregnant as a result in a dark alley is not a pregnancy that resulted from a choice you made.

    My opinion is that there is a moral difference between these two cases (some may disagree and I respect that). Righting a social wrong with a tragic medical procedure is one thing, but taking an unborn life because you were irresponsible is not a moral act in my opinion.

  8. I am sitting with my mouth open, now that can just not be true!

  9. Robert said

    Am a supporter of a woman’as right to choose. However, what is clear and no longer without doubt is that 22 months pregnancy is life. The law protects all life from children, the disabled, the poor without discrimination as it should. Now we must move fast to protect life of those not yet with us against those who would choose to take their life away.

  10. Janelle said

    I doubt anyone will read this as it is June and the last entry was Feb 25th. That being said I feel compelled to join in the discussion.

    If life begins at conception and you choose to abort you’ve murdered your own child. Me, I’d rather err on the side of caution.

    For those of you who claim these children will be horribly abused, I disagree. The number of accidental pregnancies where the parent decides to raise the child and then does horrible things is statistically low. If they choose not to keep the baby prospective parents will be lining up, absolutely thrilled to have a baby.

  11. Corinne said

    Wrongwords says: “We have to ask ourselves what the larger social impact of abortions is. Is there one? Is it negative? Positive? I do not agree that society has been damaged because of abortions becoming ‘mainstream’”

    Yes, there is. With the creation of the birth control pill and Roe Vs. Wade being a few years apart, my generation (i’m 27) is one third the size of my parents generation (baby boomers). Other than the atrocity of millions of unborn children dying in utero, the financial complications of this will truly sink in once the majority of these people hit retirement age. Right now the numbers are something like: by 2030 60% of federal spending will be to fund social security and welfare programs. Guess what that means for us?? Unfair tax burden. Thanks folks!
    Abortion will never be illegal, it shouldn’t be. However, if you’re too lazy to use reliable birth control, and too immoral to see repeat abortions for your irrisponsibility as inhumane..then you should be the one to be aborted…That’s my choice!

  12. Anonymous said

    It is so easy to say….prolife….when you’re not facing the destruction of your own life.

  13. Chamaine said

    People look at the pictures. It give proof to life….God says He formed you in your mothers womb. also He knew you in the womb.
    Why should a little baby pay the price for you not being able to practice safe sex.
    Yes some pregnacies are the results of rape,but why should an innocent baby life be snuff out because its a product of rape.God doesn’t make mistake…There is adoption
    It is time to STOP KILLING babies

  14. Ryan said

    I’m also a part of Gen X “Baby Bust” generation (typically viewed as 1965-1981, those roughly between 26 and 42 years old). The first generation whose latter cohort was cheapened by Roe v. Wade. I agree with Corinne that there are other consequences, some rarely discussed, of Roe including the financial angle. Unfortuantely, the Xers are pretty much up the creek generationally. We’ll save Social Security in some form for the Millennials (the younger generation everybody likes and wants to take care of) and maintain the sloppy system for the narcissistic Boomers, but right in the middle will be the transition group, good ol’ Gen X, taking it on the chin for everyone else.

    But, I’m somewhat confused. If Roe was so bad as to dump a huge tax burden on the Xers and create major societal pressures as we age, then why shouldn’t certain/many legal restraints be put on it?

    Also, Anonymous, it is easy to say pro-life. Our lives are precious and in constant danger from a thousand different variables every day. That’s why we should cherish it and try to protect weak and innocent victims if we can.

  15. Anonymous said

    I am a father of a preemie of 26 weeks, I could relate to the sufferings that parents and all other preemies went through as I went through that process.

    May she grow up living the fullest of her life.

  16. on the fence said

    How do you weigh one person’s right over their body (the mother) against the right of another over their body (the child)?

    If we can kill a child in the womb because it is inconvenient to the mother, why not kill a newborn that is inconvenient to both parents? (This is considered acceptable in many cultures, especially for those born with an abnormality)

  17. mipilar said

    Women need to have a right to control their reproductive systems, and birth control is the best method. A woman can choose to have sex if she wishes, and the knowledge that birth control can protect from unwanted pregnancy and STDs needs to be ingrained in everyone’s minds. Once you’re pregnant, all these debates come up, but ultimately it’s the woman who has to carry the child and sacrifice her body for that life. I’ve had a child, am pregnant with my second, and also had an abortion 15 years ago when I was immature and not in the right place, and I feel confident in my choices. I was irresponsible with birth control and I’ve learned now how awful it is to have to make the choice between completing and terminating a pregnancy. But I’m thankful for my right to choose.
    Time will tell if this child will suffer any type of neurological or physical condition because of being born so early. These stories are miraculous, but they always come with the reality of hefty medical bills, sacrifices by the parents, possible birth defects…things that take away a bit form the “miracle” of it all.

  18. Anonymous said

    Anonymous Says:
    June 21, 2007 at 7:39 pm

    It is so easy to say….prolife….when you’re not facing the destruction of your own life.

    Come on…it will not destruct your life if you are responsible enough to not get pregnant in the first place…other than that if you do, give it up for adoption…dont kill it. what if your mother decided you would destruct her life…then you would not be here to speak your opinion!!!

  19. Twinkles said

    a LOVE exhibition

  20. Anonymous said

    Alright pro-lifer’s, i need to ask you this….If i were walking down the street and some sick individual decideds he wants a peice of me decides to do so and i find i am pregnant in the next weeks to come. Then i find that this pregnancy will potentially kill me. Should i risk MY life to save that of a fetus that was concived from a rape?????

    I would not ever consider abortion unless it was in extreme circumstances. I do however believe that every woman has a choice and should be allowed to make that choice…..they have to live with it!

  21. Anonymous said

    Ryan, well stated.

  22. Anonymous said

    Every case is different, and I’m only too happy for the parents and girl that they’re doing okay, but that’s not always the case.

    The other side of the issue:

    Forty per cent of very premature babies have significant learning disabilities, a BBC Panorama report is set to reveal:

    Bright Asamany, born at 24 weeks, is one of the most severely disabled of all the children who were born in 1995.

    In this latest study he is described as “functioning at an extremely low level in all areas of development.” He was classified as having severe physical and learning disabilities.

    Some weeks after Bright’s birth, a scan revealed that he had suffered a brain haemorrhage. He now has severe cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy.

    He is entirely dependent on his parents for the care he needs 24 hours a day. Panorama reveals that his father, Kennedy, says even though he loves his son, if they had another baby born as early as Bright, he would say “turn off the machine, there is no need to continue”.

  23. Amanda said

    You choose to have sex.. whether it be protected or unprotected.. you have the possibility of being pregnant.. if you find yourself unfit to bea parent.. then don’t have sex.

    after contemplating abortion when I was 20 years old, i did the RIGHT thing… I have a beautiful baby girl and she’s the light of my life.

  24. Liana said

    I have to say I feel very strongly for “Pro Life”.

    I know, I know, I’ve heard all the arguments about “I just wasn’t ready to have a kid” or “I’m too young to be a mom” this is the one that really gets me “It’s not MY fault IM pregnant!” Unless you got raped it sure is your fault you got pregnant.

    If you have sex and your protection breaks or if you didn’t use anything in the first place, it’s a good chance that you’re going to get pregnant! Think about it.

    If you go and say “I don’t want this baby, it will mess my life up.” or “getting pregnant was not part of the plan!” What was part of the plan, having with out the aftermath?
    Next time think about what you’re doing when you have sex.

    The life of that human being inside of that woman does matter.

  25. Z.Z. said

    Having a child is a choice – but it is a choice you make before conception, because even with birth control and safe sex practices there is a risk of getting pregnant. I believe that there are cases when abortion is a reasonable option, but very few. Rape, incest, and health of the mother – not just because you “made a mistake”.
    My biggest problem with abortion is that it has become acceptable as a form of birth control. Women need to take responsibility for their actions and deal with the consequences. There are plenty of people who want to adopt babies and are unable through typical channels.
    I understand that outlawing abortion is unreasonable, but we should take steps to insure that it is not treated as a casual decision. Too many women make the choice not understanding that it is a painful and emotional process, and that there are more options – there should be educational programs and counseling available to help women make a decision they won’t regret. I was pro-choice for many years, but as I got older I found more and more people who regretted what they had done. Most were surprised by how difficult the process was emotionally, and had gone in for the proceedure expecting a simple, clean operation.
    I also have issues with the “women’s right to chose” because no mother conceived a child without a father, and it just doesn’t seem fair that a woman can make the decision to abort the unborn child without consulting him. I have known many men in my life who would be happy to raise a child as a single dad if that were the issue, and it seems selfish to take the life of the child that would be theirs simply because being pregnant is uncomfortable or unpleasant.

  26. Jen said

    Z.Z. brings up a factor that no one else has…the man in the picture. It takes two to tango people! So not all the responsibility lies with the woman in question. I do believe in the right to choose, however it is not the choice I would ever make. I have two beautiful children and both were accidents of my husband and I. We didn’t plan on on our first, but she came anyway and I cannot imagine my life without her. My son was conceived while I was on birth control, which I took religiously! But just because we weren’t planning on a second child either, didn’t make it ok to “get rid” of the baby. The choice is completely personal and I believe that the responsibility of that choice lies with both contributors of the genetic make-up. Please stop putting complete blame on the women, if men really wanted these babies that are getting aborted, then where are they when it is time for the woman to make her choice?!

  27. Dave said

    It is extremely unrealistic to believe abstinence education alone will work for the masses. People are going to have sex sometime or another, yes people can be irresponsible and make mistakes as we all do. By providing consistent education about safe sex and contraception is still the best method for minimizing the numbers of abortions and unwanted pregnancies. This does not mean you are condoning premarital sex to your adolescent child or daughter, the discipline and values you instill in them should keep them from straying, sex education should reinforce the idea of how not to get pregnant in the first place so you won’t have to make a choice someday.

  28. Jim Geuin said

    I am amazed by the pro-choice/pro-life arguments. If a woman goes to an abortion clinic, she has given up “choice” because they offer only one option.

    Thank God for the pro-life clinics and the GE 4D ultrasound machines. Even if a woman decides to give her baby up for adoption, it is one more precious human mind that can work for the benefit of all mankind.

  29. Anonymous said

    Prolife all the way!

  30. Mary said

    Does anyone know the status of the baby at this time?

  31. Meka said

    Jim, I am curious…where do you come by your information that an abortion clinic only offers one option?

  32. Bonnie said

    There are worse things than death! For those that believe in God and heaven is better than earth, shouldn’t you be happy the fetus is already with God in heaven, no harm done?

  33. ELISA said

    hello i think that if you do sex..o love with your partner…and after a baby enter in you you must TO HOLD the child.
    because she/his will becam a life so you know that you kill your soon….is orrible

  34. ELISA said

    ciao sono elisa,forse capirete male dato che scrivo in italiano ma non importa,credo che la vita sia il regalo piu’ bello che Dio possa farci,e quindi sono pienamente contraria al uso di pillole e soprattutto odio chi abortisce….come si puo’ uccidere una vita!!!!!CAPISCO CHE I PRIMI 3 MESI E UN PICCOLO SPERMATOZOINO SIMILE AD UN RANOCCHIETTO…..MA QUEL RANOCCHIETTO E TUO FIGLIO E DIVENTERA’ UN BIMBO …..ODIO CHI DICE CHE FINO AI TRE MESI SI PUO’ ABORTIRE…MA CHE CAZZONI….CREDO CHE QUANDO SI FA L’AMORE SI DEVE ESSERE CONSAPEVOLI CHE SENZA IL PROFILATTICO PUO’ NASCERE UNA VITA.

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