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Prodi Problems

Posted by Ryan on February 21, 2007

Italian Prime Minister Prodi has resigned under tense political circumstances.  He defeated Bush’s Italian foreign policy man, Berlusconi, about nine months ago and has had a hard time keeping many elements of his center-left coalition in line on the issue of foreign policy in Afghanistan, amongst other things.  The problem is that the leftists want to leave Afghanistan prematurely (like our Democrats on Iraq), but the popular position in the center and right is that the humanitarian and just mission must be maintained until its logical completion.

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Man of the People

Posted by Sal on February 21, 2007

The Massachusett’s Governor is a classic example of a liberal elite who thinks that the policies he wants to impose on society do not apply to him.  He has already broken most of his campaign promises, and is raising taxes and asking government agencies to trim their budgets (not something I object to, but there’s more).  All the while, he is lavishing luxuries on himself.  These luxuries in and of themselves would not be bad, if they came from his own pocket.  Patrick, however, seems to think that these luxuries are entitled to him in his role as governor and that the people of Massachusetts should foot the bill.  After having by far the most expensive Inaugural Celebration in state history, Patrick has done the following In the last few weeks alone:   

Even the left-wing Boston Globe is up in arms, dubbing Patrick Governor Deluxe.  After increased heat and pressure, Patrick has agreed to pay for part of his car and for the redecorating of his office.  However, this came only after days of media scrutiny and criticism from even his closest supporters. 

 This again shows the myth that Democrats are not the party of the people.  From Nancy Pelosi’s request for a 757, to Patrick, the so-called “Party of the People” has no regard for the hard-earned money that you and I are forced to turn over to the Government week after week.  It’s time we woke up and held these politicians accountable. 

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