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Dow Beatdown!

Posted by Ryan on February 27, 2007

As of 4:15pm EST on Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 415 points after China’s stock market dropping 9% rattled Asian markets early this morning. This is the worst numerical loss to the stock market since the week after the markets opened following 9/11. Is this just a correction or the sign of something else at hand? I don’t know, but I’m sure my 403(b) got nailed and I hope it doesn’t continue tomorrow!

Yahoo chart

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The Taliban Hates Cheney

Posted by Ryan on February 27, 2007

Vice President Dick Cheney was the target of a suicide attack that has presently killed 23 people on his visit to Afghanistan today.  He heard the blast, was sent to a bunker, asked that the wounded and dead be tended to, and still ended up meeting his schedule!  Not bad for a man with a bum ticker.

However, check this out from a liberal blog site on this same story.  Apparently, the Taliban are not alone in their sentiments.  It’s kind of sick if you separate yourself from this and think about what really transpired and their real heart-felt reaction to this truly is.  The Huffington Post was so bad that Hannity read some comments from the blog on his show today, leading the Post to embarrassingly close their comments.
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