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McCain’s In, My Precious

Posted by Ryan on February 28, 2007

According to Drudge and Fox News, John McCain is slated to finally announce his candidacy (officially beginning in April by the way) on “The Late Show” with David Letterman tonight. No surprises here. McCain is my least favorite of the top three Republican front-runners. Though he’s been consistently pro-life, he’s been obstructing President Bush one way or another for six years now, he’s a current media darling who’ll lose prestige the minute he is pitted directly against She Who Must Not Be Named, and he’s the Democrat’s favorite Republican who John F(‘in) Kerry through around as a potential Veep nominee for the Dems in 2004!

That last point sends up the most red flags. I don’t want a pandering Ted “Fins” Kennedy/Russ Feingold “maverick” as my nominee, I want a consistent solid conservative Republican to run the Republican Party. I want a “Sam” not a “Gollum” as my nominee: a trusted friend to the party, rather than a skeevy, two-faced leech. However, this entrance will give me yet another chance to vote against McCain in the primaries.

Image from Tolkien Depot and concept inspired by Mike.

4 Responses to “McCain’s In, My Precious”

  1. Mike said

    Ha! Good catch Ryan!

  2. Chris said

    Love the Gollum reference…I feel pretty confident in saying now that McCain does not have a chance. This does not mean that we fluff his run off and ignore it, we work to defeat it. And I do agree that if by some slim chance he is the Republican candidate, the lovefest shown by the drive-by media will be long over and they will tear him limb from limb…and as I stated earlier, it is my belief they have a very thick dossier on him they are waiting to use.

    Voters have finally gotten wise to him and if there is a ‘run-off’ of the ‘moderate Republican’ candidates, Rudy wins hands down. While wrong on a few issues, he is much more trustworthy than McCain. Still waiting for a true conservative to enter.

    On a related point, I am still hoping that Algore decides to throw his hat in…he is working really hard right now in raising his profile among the Soros left of the party and a ‘Her Thighness’ v. ‘Learjet Lib’ primary is every Republicans’ dream come true.

  3. Ryan said

    THIS JUST IN! McCain in that interview with Letterman said we were “wasting” American lives in Iraq. He promptly apologized, yet got moral support from Obama who made a similar gaffe a month ago, demonstrating he’s still the Democrat’s favorite Republican and why no true conservative is likely to vote for him in the primaries.

  4. Mike said

    We do have a Sam running.

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