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NCAA Men’s Final Four Basketball

Posted by Ryan on March 31, 2007

So it’s time for the storied Final Four to begin at 6:07 tonight when Ohio State University takes on Georgetown. Later at 8:47, we get to catch last year’s champ Florida take on UCLA, who played each other in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game just one year ago! March Madness ends with a bang as these two games should be awesome!

Yet, I picked none of these teams to win the whole thing. Ohio was the only current crop of Final Four teams that I have, though I had them losing to UNC who was supposed to win the whole Dance. Alas, with all my teams out I can enjoy the games for the sheer spirit of college basketball– a spirit so lost in the NBA. I’d like to see Georgetown win it all, since the Big East is my favorite conference, but a Florida v. Ohio State match-up would be great since they both met in the BCS Finals for football in January for that national championship!

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McGovern Endorses She Who Must Not Be Named!

Posted by Ryan on March 30, 2007

No, no, not George McGovern, but the Massachusetts Representative from Worcester James McGovern has endorsed SWMNBN despite that whole she-voted-for-the-war thing. Somehow having a McGovern endorse one’s candidacy is not necessarily a good thing. Just think back to 1972 for a moment on what can happen to “peace” Democrats!

You know, back in the old days of the Civil War Peace Democrats were called “Copperheads” not only because of their copper penny pins, but after a poisonous kind of rattlesnake– inferring a Republican dislike of the hope Peace Democrats in the Union gave to the South during the final years of the Civil War. They didn’t fair too well in their big time to shine either.

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Harry 7

Posted by Ryan on March 29, 2007

For the Harry Potter fans who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the new and full Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows American version book cover:

Thanks to Mugglenet for the heads up and picture!

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Forbes Backs Rudy

Posted by Ryan on March 29, 2007

“Mr. Flat Tax” Steve Forbes is supporting Rudy Giuliani for President in 2008. Among his reasons is Forbes’ belief that Rudy is fiscally conservative and will maintain and improve upon good economic times if elected. I like the idea of a flat tax, of course, but Forbes neglected to point out Giuliani’s position on social issues and the lurking specter of Supreme Court vacancies. Yet, I can see where Forbes is coming from: McCain isn’t really a Republican anymore, Romney ushered in a yet-to-be-tested universal health care plan in Massachusetts though Romney was good on other economic issues there, and the others are simply “also rans” at this point.

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Day Six: More British Bollocks!

Posted by Ryan on March 28, 2007

Day Six of the hostage crisis now has the Iranians parading the British marines around on video! I thought it was illegal, according to the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War (1950), to parade prisoners in such a fashion (see Article 13), even if one of the states involved does not recognize these articles (see Article 2)! Yet even though Iran seized these soldiers in a clear act of war and/or provocation in the very least, Britain is still reluctant to admit that aspect and take appropriate action. Instead, more British bollocks on hair-splitting, appeasement-minded diplomatic propaganda-laden nonsense! It is no coincidence that Iran did not pick on an American ship.

AP photograph taken from Yahoo!

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Missing: Republican Party’s Spine

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2007

Right Wing News has an interesting take on Republican reaction to the Alberto Gonzalez non-scandal. Basically, they argue the problem with Republicans right now is rooted in what is good about Republicans.

Conservatives pride themselves on not blindly standing up for their own side. Yes, we’re not like the hypocritical Democrats who have no integrity and will defend their own side whether they’re KKK members, left a girl to drown to death, or got caught with 90k dollars worth of bribe money in their freezer.

Overall, this conservative tendency is a good thing because it helps get rid of people like Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley, so that they won’t taint the party as a whole. But, the flip side of it is that every time the left goes after someone, whether it’s merited or not, there is a mob of pitchfork wielding conservatives right there with them demanding their scalps and this is a perfect example of it.

That’s a good point. Here, even if everything flying out of the Democrats’ mouths about Gonzalez was true (it isn’t), there would still be no scandal.  The Constitution guarantees separation of powers.  Inherent in this doctrine is the right of the executive to fire executive branch officials for any reason whatsoever.  Democrats will never understand that of course.  I don’t think they even know we have Constitution.  Republicans should know better though.

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Video: “How Modern Liberals Think”

Posted by Ryan on March 27, 2007

I caught this video on Drudge earlier today and I feel it’s worth posting here as well.  Evan Sayet, lecturing at the Heritage Foundation, has a great 48-minute speech on “How Modern Liberals Think.” It has great insight into why he feels Liberals are wrong on every issue.  Sayet believes that this comes from a utopian view of the world which states that war, hunger, violence and injustice are present in the world despite our best efforts to get rid of them.  Therefore no system, no jewel from the past can give us a clue on achieving that promising utopian future.  So, everything is suspect, everything’s devalued, everything’s a morally relative Western bash since we’re on top right now (read: the current incarnation of this failed system).  That’s just a taste!  It’s a long video, but worth at least a brief look.

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The New Duck and Cover

Posted by Mike on March 25, 2007

The following Mary Katharine Ham video is a parody of what liberals were up to last week, but notice how the parody isn’t that different from what liberals were actually up to last week.

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Iran Unhinged

Posted by Ryan on March 24, 2007

So Iran wants to try those 15 Brits for espionage, even though a shady forced confession and eye witness accounts of the incident lend little credibility to the Islamic Republic’s judicial integrity on this issue.  After the 15-0 Security Council vote on Resolution 1747 to impose stiffer economic sanctions on the ol’ Mahdi Paradise, all the Iranians had to say at the UN in their defense was how inconsistent and brutal the UN was for their involvement in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, the peace-loving nature of their regime versus the UN, the clandestine arm twisting that the US and Britain must have done to al-Baradai and the IAEA, and with the obligatory cherry on top, some token rant about a Zionist conspiracy.

If France, Russia, China, Ghana, South Africa, the Great Satan (that’ll be us to those of you who don’t remember the good ol’ Ayatollah), and nine other nations can agree on a course of action, somebody here’s a little unhinged.  If Iran is going to try to delegitimize the UN by grandstanding on this issue, Mahmoud is going to need some Prilosec.

Now, just imagine these guys with a nuclear bomb.

Pic from Newswire.

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Here’s My Plan for Mahmoud

Posted by Ryan on March 23, 2007

In lieu of recent events, here’s my plan for Mahmoud:

  1. Grant him a visa to land his plane and give him permission to go to the United Nations.
  2. Let him in.
  3. Let the British take him into custody for the illegal act of war they perpetrated today.
  4. Watch and see.

Do they have the guts?  Would it up the ante, though!  After the evidence of Iranian support of the vicious anti-American Mahdi Army, their reluctance to abide by UN’s IAEA mandates, and taking 15 Britons from Iraqi waters today, my message is that it is time to arrest Mahmoud, Tony Blair or Gordon Brown or Alistair Campbell or somebody!

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The Democrats Did Have a Plan After All

Posted by Mike on March 23, 2007

The Democrats have been squawking for years that they have a plan for the war in Iraq. Several on the right doubted this, but the Democratic Congress proved us wrong. They did indeed have a plan and earlier today, it passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 218-212. The long-awaited Democratic plan for the Iraqi front to the war on terror includes a comprehensive strategy including an artificial withdrawal deadline of September 2008 and funding for other anti-terror measures such as $25 million for spinach farmers, $74 million for peanut storage, and $5 million for shellfishermen.

This plan is so bad that it helped President Bush find his mojo. Surrounded by troops, the President promised to veto the Democrats’ Surrender and Pork Act of 2007 and slammed the circus that is the House of Representatives.

“The purpose of the emergency war spending bill I requested was to provide our troops with vital funding. Instead, Democrats in the House, in an act of political theater, voted to substitute their judgment for that of our military commanders on the ground in Iraq.”

Vice President Cheney has pointed out time and again that an artificial deadline merely provides our enemies an opportunity to hold out until the date certain, at which point they would be free to escalate their campaign of terror. This doesn’t matter to the liberals in Congress though. Sucking up to Code Pink is what really matters. Well, that and cheaper oysters.

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Code Pink’s in da House!

Posted by Ryan on March 22, 2007


The lefty moonbat, tin-hat fringe group, Code Pink has decided that they’re going to storm San Fran Nan’s House Speaker’s office because of the Democrat’s reluctance to openly and quickly cut-and-run in Iraq! They expect arrests.

I love it! What the Democrat’s are experiencing from the Loony Left is something that we here have been saying for a while– those people are nuts, you can’t deal with them rationally, and by soliciting these groups for money and bodies and posters at events, you’re only encouraging them, making them think that they matter. Hence, Pelosi’s getting fire from all sides as a result. Nice! Now let’s just see if Code Pink will actually do it!

UPDATE:  Please note the upper left-hand corner of the photo and remember that a photo illustration is not an authentic photograph.

Picture from The Two Malcontents.

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Going Fishin’?

Posted by Ryan on March 21, 2007

In the latest round of a brewing constitutional crisis, a House committee has authorized subpoena power, should Democrat John Conyers choose, to subpoena Karl Rove, Harriet Miers and whoever else is their political target du jour.  This is not the same as actually issuing a subpoena, but the issue that they are huffing and puffing over is a clear, open-and-shut case on Executive prerogative to fire their employees, including federal prosecutors, who serve at the pleasure President anyway.  In fact, the White House offered interviews to the committee from the very people that they want to see!  Constitutionally, that’s still above and beyond what they have to do!

This is what they thought Joe McCarthy fishing for red herrings was like.

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McCain’s Immigration Status

Posted by Ryan on March 20, 2007

We are in the midst of watching a real-time, real-life political flip-flop slowly unfurl before our eyes in the Republican race for the White House. No, it’s not Romney, it’s McCain! He’s in the process of “reconsidering” his stance on illegal immigration. Convenient since his poll numbers among conservatives are faltering. He’s the Democrat’s favorite Republican and loves to shoot off nonsense, very unconservative bills with Ted (hiccup) Kennedy, usually obstructing the current Republican Administration along the way.

His problem is that he’s not a very good Republican, he just happens to have a thirty-year-old story worth retelling. His “reconsideration” phase is just his attempt to save some face with conservatives before it’s too late. When it’s all said and done, and the flip flop completes its course, he’ll probably be on the right side of all this– but will he actually believe any of it?

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Iraq at 4

Posted by Ryan on March 19, 2007

President Bush came out of his cave this morning to give some remarks marking the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.  He asked for patience to see this thing through to its end and that Congress had better lay off the politicking while troops are in harm’s way.  Good luck with that Mr. President!

In four years however: Saddam’s deposed, dead and no longer a threat to the USA or his neighbors, Iraq is the central front of the War on Terror (not here), the Iraqi people have voted for a government of their choosing, 25 million Iraqis no longer in fear of their former dictator, and we now know, without a doubt, that Saddam doesn’t have WMDs, etc.!  Not that bad, could’ve been better, but still not bad!

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Unauthorized Obama Ad: 1984

Posted by Mike on March 19, 2007

He should never be President, but you’ve got to admire Barack Obama’s political skills. The following video slamming She Who Must Not Be Named, apparently created by Obama supporters, but with plausible deniability, conveys a message Republicans have understood for years now. It looks like some Democrats are catching on too.

Some will call the ad effective. Others will call it nasty. If SWMNBN wins the primary, the left will eventually call it a Republican ad. (Remember, Willie Horton was a Gore ad). Anyway, enjoy the spectacle.

Link via Drudge

BTW, I’m all for a repeat of 1984.

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Iraq’s Hopeful

Posted by Ryan on March 18, 2007

Here’s a little ray of sunshine on this cold New Jersey Sunday morning:

Iraqi’s have more hope in their future than we do, according to new polls from a London-based media research group. Only 27% of Iraqis believe that they are in a civil war, compared to 99.9% of the American media. Unfortunately, twenty-six percent of Iraqis have personally known someone killed or kidnapped since the 2003 invasion, now approaching its fourth anniversary on March 20. Also, in a complete smack in the face to the MSM, 49% of the Iraqis surveyed believe that life is better now under the Maliki government than under Saddam Hussein, while only 26% believe the contrary. Also, these polls and subsequent interviews show a lot of hope that the troop surge is working and that soon the American presence will graciously no longer be necessary.

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WMDs in Iraq!

Posted by Ryan on March 17, 2007

Maybe Saddam didn’t manufacture them, but three suicide bombs containing chlorine gas sickened over 350 Iraqis, as well as 6 American soldiers in the latest round of terror violence in Iraq.

This is what the international community and the American Left continue to fail to see:  whatever Iraq was FOUR years ago, it’s something very different today and in dire need of a united world front!  It’s the place where more al-Qaeda attacks occur than anywhere else in the world, it’s a place where they are now using chemical weapons against civilians and our troops, it is the self-admitted center of the War on Terror from al-Qaeda’s point of view, and failure in Iraq would mean irreversible damage to our nation (through prestige and a tactical loss in the War on Terror), our economy (through an unstable oil market) and the region (as Iran freely goes nuclear, invades Shia Iraq and forces the rest of the region to go nuclear as well).

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Watching the War

Posted by Ryan on March 15, 2007

She Who Must Not Be Named has crossed into new territory today.  In a New York Slimes interview (reported by Fox News by the way) she indicates that she would actually leave some US troops in Iraq if elected President (wow), but only to have a presence there… a presence to watch Iran, to watch the Kurds, and above all to watch the ethnic cleansing that will take place upon her ascension to the political throne.

To me that position being taken by a major candidate is actually sickening!  At least the cut-and-run strategy doesn’t pretend to on one hand care about the Iraqis and the region, and on the other hand watch them kill each other while having the opportunity to help!  Watching ethnic cleansing!  The cut-and-runners would rather watch the horrors from home, but SWMNBN would rather still be there watching the ensuing violence.

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Admits It!

Posted by Ryan on March 14, 2007

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed admitted to planning the 9/11 attacks, according to newly released Pentagon documents.  He is one of the enemy combatants being held at Gitmo.  This S.O.B.’s capture had more operational significance than Bin Ladin, since he was alleged to have planned the attacks from the start.  Turns out we were right about something, and I’m sure he’s enjoying his stay out the tropical Cuban resort to this day!

AP photo.

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Pelosi’s Problem

Posted by Ryan on March 14, 2007

San Fran Nan’s problem lately has been appeasing the kook fringe of her party in Congress, especially on spending and Iraq.  Now, on the issue of the war, she is feeling the full range of pressure from all quarters of her caucus.  It’s one of the problems that may surface when you misread election results and bet on America losing to promote your long-term political agenda– it makes the here and now very difficult to maneuver through when a good chunk of your caucus is trying to make Iraq as Vietnam-esque as possible.

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(The Axis of) Right Wing Conspiracy!

Posted by Ryan on March 13, 2007

Yes, it’s all true! Your friends here at Axis of Right are part of the ever growing, ever insidious vast right wing conspiracy to destroy the Clintons, American democracy, and even though we like puppies, they might one day be on our list!

What?! Are you kidding me? I seriously thought this was a joke when I first read the article earlier today, but alas no. She Who Must Not Be Named, herself, is the only joke mentioned in the article. Barry Obama must be doing super well if SWMNBN’s handlers have told her to resurrect that long-dead, much maligned, tin-hat phrase from her husband’s Naughty Nineties era political playbook. I love it! Where’s my popcorn?

Pic from Joatmoaf.

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FYI. Comments.

Posted by Mike on March 12, 2007

Our spam filter recently captured some legitimate comments from some of our regulars.  Normally, we catch them within a few hours but unfortunately that wasn’t the case this time.  The comments are now posted.  Sorry about that.

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Fred Thompson Anyone?

Posted by Mike on March 12, 2007

The whispers are becoming audible. Former Tennessee Senator and well-known actor Fred Thompson is considering a run for the White House. Known to the most of the country as a D.A. on Law & Order, Thompson has both the star power and presence necessary for a successful campaign. Couple these qualities with Thompson’s record, and you have a conservative with the ability to defeat She Who Must Not Be Named.

There are some red flags, but they are minor in comparison to the other candidates. Thompson supported McCain-Feingold but his explanation appears to satisfy most first-amendment supporting Republicans. He also appears to support affirmative action. These positions are nothing to brag about, but when balanced against his entire record and the records of his potential opponents, they are probably not going to cripple a candidacy.

Fred Thompson is and has always been a conservative in both word and deed. He favors a strong national defense. He is pro-life. He supports both lower taxes and limited government. These consistent and conservative positions will enable Thompson to unite foreign policy hawks, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and suicidal “conservatives” who would allow She Who Must Not Be Named to undermine everything conservatives believe in so long as they can send their message.

Fred Thompson is a solid conservative who would probably defeat the Democrat nominee. This would be difficult for primary voters to ignore. And remember, Republicans do pretty well when they nominate an actor.

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JFK and She Who Must Not Be Named

Posted by Ryan on March 11, 2007

In her latest reason why she won’t be our next President, SWMNBN apparently called herself the new JFK, of course without the hawkish attitude and tax cutting ethic of Kennedy.

Simple and straightforward response from me on this one:  It’s not that American’s are not ready for a woman President, they’re increasingly not ready for YOU to be our President– a leech campaigning off her husband’s name recognition for her own megalomaniacal ambition.

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Dumb Dems

Posted by Ryan on March 10, 2007

Bill Clinton ripped Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, in an interview last year on Fox News.  To the objective observer, Clinton looked petty and angry.  Ever since, the Dems have used Fox News as a pariah that should be mocked and avoided.  Now, Fox News Channel executive Roger Ailes has responded to the growing noise on the left about boycotting the Fox News Democratic Presidential Debate in Nevada.  I believe he makes a great point:  any candidate who wants to boycott a major news agency runs the risk of losing voters because by boycotting, one gives the impression that one is dodging potentially difficult questions.  I completely agree.  Once again, the Dems are falling into a trap they set for themselves.  Now, can the Republicans take advantage of this?  Who knows!

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Newt’s Bad Behavior

Posted by Ryan on March 9, 2007

I really didn’t want to have to do a post like this, especially about Newt Gingrich, but here goes. On a radio interview with James Dobson earlier, Newt admitted to having had an affair in the 1990s, around the same time BJ Clinton was being impeached. I’d heard all the “nyah nyah” talking heads on TV and in the blogosphere and had to echo just one point to the moral relativists out there:

We can all agree that Newt’s behavior was despicable and he needs to talk with his ex-wife and God about forgiveness. However, comparing what he did to what Clinton did in 1998 is very different. Newt was a sleazebag for what he did. Clinton was also a sleazebag, but he was also a President, lied under oath to a federal judge, was found in contempt and temporarily disbarred from numerous courts for his perjury, not his cheating. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but at least Newt was direct in his responses and seems to portray remorse for his actions. We’ll see if this has any bearing on his potential White House bid later this year.

Reuters picture taken from MSNBC.

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Changing the House of Lords

Posted by Ryan on March 8, 2007

The British House of Commons has pushed through a measure looking for 100% of the upper, hereditary/cronyistic House of Lords to be an elected body.  The House of Lords was formed in the 14th century and was once more powerful than the House of Commons. Only in the last century has it lost nearly all of its power.  It also acts as a kind of Supreme Court over there in Britain, but recently that has been stripped (though the law has not been enforced).

Britain with a bicameral legislature like America?   There are some unique problems that the BBC article brings up about this:  the Lords are likely to vote it down, if they voted for it a host of issues arise about representation and powers, and the throwing away of such tradition and history is likely to bother some.  I think it’s a neat idea to be throwing around.  If the Lords are to have real stature in the 21st century, then they’ll have to earn it by being elected by the people.  In my opinion it’s one thing to hold on to a symbol like the Queen, but another to hold onto an entire political body appointed by heredity or political connections.

Pic from

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So Far, So Good

Posted by Ryan on March 8, 2007

An early assessment of insurgent activity around Baghdad over the last month shows an 80% decrease in the number of attacks.  These are the early stages of the new plan, as both General Petraeus and Secretary of State Gates note, but the early signs are good.  Every time some new tactic or event comes along, the attacks drop off until our enemies adjust.  I think they should have elections all the time in Iraq– every time they do the number of attacks go down!  I’m also in the camp that wants to see us win, so I’m cautiously taking this as good news.  I understand the insurgents will regroup and the Shi’ite militias are forming up again south of Baghdad, but they’re on the run this time, not us.

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Raper’s Abortion

Posted by Ryan on March 7, 2007

Jennifer Raper has a two year old daughter that she didn’t want. In fact she tried to end her daughter’s life through an abortion, but after a failed procedure in April 2004 and a misdiagnosis of her 20-week pregnancy in July, she remained pregnant and gave birth that December. She’s now suing Planned Parenthood and the doctors involved so that they may fork over the costs of raising her child. Oh boy (or girl)…

Now I’m perfectly fine with smacking-up Planned Parenthood and financially harming doctors who euthanize babies by performing abortions, but something doesn’t feel right. She wanted to end her daughter’s life in-utero, yet gave birth nobly, and now wants someone else to pay for her motherhood! What about adoption, family, or a job– a decision everyone else has to make without the benefit of suing or the perfect conditions during and after a pregnancy? I just think something doesn’t feel right about this.

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