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Global Warming News… from Mars!

Posted by Ryan on March 2, 2007

Climate change on Mars and caused by the sun of all things?! How could this be? I thought that SUVs and cow gas caused the depletion of the ozone layer and our impending doom! I thought that climate change and global warming was all part of some inconvenient truth that Al Gore, the inventor of the Internet itself, figured out. Halliburton hasn’t gotten their mitts dirty up there just yet, but I’m sure Cheney and Rove are plotting Mars’ destruction too!

In truth, reactionary jumps towards blaming all the climate problems on this Earth on things like SUVs and industrial nations (that have political implications by the way) does seem a little convenient for some politicians turning to science for their own agenda. Yes, we’ve left some footprint, but some of what’s happening here on Earth could be the Sun or even the Earth doing its own thing. Is that even a possibility to the washed, global-warmingist mind?

Also, the sun is a very, very big bright thing. It can burn your skin from 93 million miles away. Could it have any bearing on our climate? I think yes. The article indicates that it seems to have something to do with Martian behavior– a planet even further from the sun than us with huge amounts of CO2 in its atmosphere.

UPDATE: 3/4/2007:  This news show to air in Europe is openly trying to attack the animus towards scientists who don’t believe humans are the biggest cause of greenhouse gases. I wonder how it’ll be received???

Pic from Biology Daily.

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