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South Carolina Straw Poll

Posted by Ryan on March 3, 2007

The first “straw poll” of the 2008 election season was taken in South Carolina yesterday.  Smeagol came out on top, but by only two votes!  Rudy lost 164-162 with Duncan Hunter coming in third with 158.  Newt came in sixth as a write in candidate!  What does this all mean?  There are still plenty of McCainiacs out there that could spell trouble next year, but the strong showing of “also-ran” conservative Duncan Hunter shows that there are still some cool-headed conservatives out there ready for a fight before they let Precious take over party.

2 Responses to “South Carolina Straw Poll”

  1. Brian said

    Who exactly is this Duncan Hunter? Might he carry California? I understand he spoke at the March for Life and promised to not nominate any judge who could not look at a sonogram and understand that an unborn child is a human life, but besides that I know little about him. If McCain won because he is so well connected in SC and Giuliani is 2nd because people still don’t realize where he stands, does this make Hunter the forerunner, with over 2.5 times the support of Romney and nearly double Brownback?

  2. Ryan said

    Personally, I don’t think he can win California, but i do like his stance on abortion, the borders and has a positive attitude about national security victories being more important than failures.

    The problem with candidates like Hunter is that he’s a stauch conservative, but so unknown, his more well-known opponents can marginalize him by claiming they are more sensible, even if they agree nearly all the issues! Yet, his presense and strong showing in South Carolina will keep the party honest to its conservative base. In 2000, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Steve Forbes were in Hunter’s camp as lesser knowns, but served to keep the debate conservative. Yet, they were too marginalized by the candidates who could “win”.

    However, Hunter’s HUGE showing may change the complexion here. I think it says that conservatives in SC are yearning for a conservative, probably because they think a true conservative can win.

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