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CPAC Picks Romney

Posted by Ryan on March 4, 2007

Another straw poll, this time by the Conservative Politcal Action Conference (CPAC) demonstrates the following results: Romney wins the plurality with 21%, followed by Guiliani at 17%. Newt is in fourth place with 14% (he hasn’t even declared yet!), and Precious with a whopping 12%.

I believe this poll is a better one than the South Carolina Straw Poll (see below) because it gauges conservative points of view from all over the country. Romney gave a great speech at CPAC and made many friends and converts. His “gravitas”, attraction, and conservative talk make him an ideal candidate at this point. Yet, Guiliani is right there in both polls in second place, and Newt “Sam” Gingrich is also in the mix. At least the Republican field isn’t cannibalizing itself like the Dems–our side’s not as popcorn-friendly just yet!

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