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Raper’s Abortion

Posted by Ryan on March 7, 2007

Jennifer Raper has a two year old daughter that she didn’t want. In fact she tried to end her daughter’s life through an abortion, but after a failed procedure in April 2004 and a misdiagnosis of her 20-week pregnancy in July, she remained pregnant and gave birth that December. She’s now suing Planned Parenthood and the doctors involved so that they may fork over the costs of raising her child. Oh boy (or girl)…

Now I’m perfectly fine with smacking-up Planned Parenthood and financially harming doctors who euthanize babies by performing abortions, but something doesn’t feel right. She wanted to end her daughter’s life in-utero, yet gave birth nobly, and now wants someone else to pay for her motherhood! What about adoption, family, or a job– a decision everyone else has to make without the benefit of suing or the perfect conditions during and after a pregnancy? I just think something doesn’t feel right about this.

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