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FYI. Comments.

Posted by Mike on March 12, 2007

Our spam filter recently captured some legitimate comments from some of our regulars.  Normally, we catch them within a few hours but unfortunately that wasn’t the case this time.  The comments are now posted.  Sorry about that.

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Fred Thompson Anyone?

Posted by Mike on March 12, 2007

The whispers are becoming audible. Former Tennessee Senator and well-known actor Fred Thompson is considering a run for the White House. Known to the most of the country as a D.A. on Law & Order, Thompson has both the star power and presence necessary for a successful campaign. Couple these qualities with Thompson’s record, and you have a conservative with the ability to defeat She Who Must Not Be Named.

There are some red flags, but they are minor in comparison to the other candidates. Thompson supported McCain-Feingold but his explanation appears to satisfy most first-amendment supporting Republicans. He also appears to support affirmative action. These positions are nothing to brag about, but when balanced against his entire record and the records of his potential opponents, they are probably not going to cripple a candidacy.

Fred Thompson is and has always been a conservative in both word and deed. He favors a strong national defense. He is pro-life. He supports both lower taxes and limited government. These consistent and conservative positions will enable Thompson to unite foreign policy hawks, fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and suicidal “conservatives” who would allow She Who Must Not Be Named to undermine everything conservatives believe in so long as they can send their message.

Fred Thompson is a solid conservative who would probably defeat the Democrat nominee. This would be difficult for primary voters to ignore. And remember, Republicans do pretty well when they nominate an actor.

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