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WMDs in Iraq!

Posted by Ryan on March 17, 2007

Maybe Saddam didn’t manufacture them, but three suicide bombs containing chlorine gas sickened over 350 Iraqis, as well as 6 American soldiers in the latest round of terror violence in Iraq.

This is what the international community and the American Left continue to fail to see:  whatever Iraq was FOUR years ago, it’s something very different today and in dire need of a united world front!  It’s the place where more al-Qaeda attacks occur than anywhere else in the world, it’s a place where they are now using chemical weapons against civilians and our troops, it is the self-admitted center of the War on Terror from al-Qaeda’s point of view, and failure in Iraq would mean irreversible damage to our nation (through prestige and a tactical loss in the War on Terror), our economy (through an unstable oil market) and the region (as Iran freely goes nuclear, invades Shia Iraq and forces the rest of the region to go nuclear as well).

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