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Iraq’s Hopeful

Posted by Ryan on March 18, 2007

Here’s a little ray of sunshine on this cold New Jersey Sunday morning:

Iraqi’s have more hope in their future than we do, according to new polls from a London-based media research group. Only 27% of Iraqis believe that they are in a civil war, compared to 99.9% of the American media. Unfortunately, twenty-six percent of Iraqis have personally known someone killed or kidnapped since the 2003 invasion, now approaching its fourth anniversary on March 20. Also, in a complete smack in the face to the MSM, 49% of the Iraqis surveyed believe that life is better now under the Maliki government than under Saddam Hussein, while only 26% believe the contrary. Also, these polls and subsequent interviews show a lot of hope that the troop surge is working and that soon the American presence will graciously no longer be necessary.

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