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Iraq at 4

Posted by Ryan on March 19, 2007

President Bush came out of his cave this morning to give some remarks marking the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.  He asked for patience to see this thing through to its end and that Congress had better lay off the politicking while troops are in harm’s way.  Good luck with that Mr. President!

In four years however: Saddam’s deposed, dead and no longer a threat to the USA or his neighbors, Iraq is the central front of the War on Terror (not here), the Iraqi people have voted for a government of their choosing, 25 million Iraqis no longer in fear of their former dictator, and we now know, without a doubt, that Saddam doesn’t have WMDs, etc.!  Not that bad, could’ve been better, but still not bad!

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Unauthorized Obama Ad: 1984

Posted by Mike on March 19, 2007

He should never be President, but you’ve got to admire Barack Obama’s political skills. The following video slamming She Who Must Not Be Named, apparently created by Obama supporters, but with plausible deniability, conveys a message Republicans have understood for years now. It looks like some Democrats are catching on too.

Some will call the ad effective. Others will call it nasty. If SWMNBN wins the primary, the left will eventually call it a Republican ad. (Remember, Willie Horton was a Gore ad). Anyway, enjoy the spectacle.

Link via Drudge

BTW, I’m all for a repeat of 1984.

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