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Unauthorized Obama Ad: 1984

Posted by Mike on March 19, 2007

He should never be President, but you’ve got to admire Barack Obama’s political skills. The following video slamming She Who Must Not Be Named, apparently created by Obama supporters, but with plausible deniability, conveys a message Republicans have understood for years now. It looks like some Democrats are catching on too.

Some will call the ad effective. Others will call it nasty. If SWMNBN wins the primary, the left will eventually call it a Republican ad. (Remember, Willie Horton was a Gore ad). Anyway, enjoy the spectacle.

Link via Drudge

BTW, I’m all for a repeat of 1984.

5 Responses to “Unauthorized Obama Ad: 1984”

  1. Chris said

    That ad was very effective…not only is it remeniscent of the 1984 Apple Commercial (it’s practically based on it), but in terms of its effectiveness and ability to hit home a point, it’s remeniscent of the 1964 LBJ Daisy Ad .

    As a Republican, I love that they are going at each other and regardless of what the DriveBy Media says, there IS a civil war in the Democrat Party. Not only will ‘Her Thighness’ blame it on the Republicans, but if she wins, heaven help us, this will give her the fuel to further block our 1st Amendment Rights under the guise of further campaign finance reform.

  2. Ryan said

    I loved the ad and think that Barry’s poeple should come out with more linking her Democratic talking points and their agenda to a totalitarian one.

    I concur on the hope for another 1984, but remember this: back then we ran Ronald Reagan. We don’t have a Reagan in the race this year. That bothers me.

  3. Noonan said

    Brilliant ad. Any thoughts on whether this kills the possibility of a Hilary-Obama ticket? My guess is she’ll go with Richardson and he’d go with Warner.

  4. Ryan said

    I think she’ll stick with Obama and he might try to balance the ticket with Edwards, who I believe is still only running for Veep whether he believes that or not. She’ll have to mend fences in the party once she gets the nomination and I think a rapproachment with Obama is the most politically expedient (read: Clintonian) thing to do in this case. They’ll be all smiles from that point on– a love fest to get sick over to be sure.

  5. Mike said

    I don’t think it kills the ticket. Although I think she prefers someone like Richardson, Vilsack or Bayh, she might be forced into choosing Obama. The Democrats are screwed when they don’t have 95 percent of the black vote with a high turnout.

    Warner would be a good pick for any of them. While I don’t think he wins VA for any of the Dems. (I know he’s REALLY popular there, but Gov. is different than VP, especially a VP for a lib), I still think Warner would force the GOP to throw some resources in VA. Also, I think Warner would put former Clinton southern states such as AR, TN, LA, in play.

    I hate to admit it, but this Barack Obama really impresses me. Yeah he’s a unqualified liberal, but his political skills are superb. He manages to give left wing speeches without sounding like a sociopath and his rapid response if phenomenal. He isn’t taking any of the venom spewed by She Who Must Not Be Named’s death eaters. He’s a force to be reckoned with despite his Marxist views.

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