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McCain’s Immigration Status

Posted by Ryan on March 20, 2007

We are in the midst of watching a real-time, real-life political flip-flop slowly unfurl before our eyes in the Republican race for the White House. No, it’s not Romney, it’s McCain! He’s in the process of “reconsidering” his stance on illegal immigration. Convenient since his poll numbers among conservatives are faltering. He’s the Democrat’s favorite Republican and loves to shoot off nonsense, very unconservative bills with Ted (hiccup) Kennedy, usually obstructing the current Republican Administration along the way.

His problem is that he’s not a very good Republican, he just happens to have a thirty-year-old story worth retelling. His “reconsideration” phase is just his attempt to save some face with conservatives before it’s too late. When it’s all said and done, and the flip flop completes its course, he’ll probably be on the right side of all this– but will he actually believe any of it?

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