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Code Pink’s in da House!

Posted by Ryan on March 22, 2007


The lefty moonbat, tin-hat fringe group, Code Pink has decided that they’re going to storm San Fran Nan’s House Speaker’s office because of the Democrat’s reluctance to openly and quickly cut-and-run in Iraq! They expect arrests.

I love it! What the Democrat’s are experiencing from the Loony Left is something that we here have been saying for a while– those people are nuts, you can’t deal with them rationally, and by soliciting these groups for money and bodies and posters at events, you’re only encouraging them, making them think that they matter. Hence, Pelosi’s getting fire from all sides as a result. Nice! Now let’s just see if Code Pink will actually do it!

UPDATE:  Please note the upper left-hand corner of the photo and remember that a photo illustration is not an authentic photograph.

Picture from The Two Malcontents.

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