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Code Pink’s in da House!

Posted by Ryan on March 22, 2007


The lefty moonbat, tin-hat fringe group, Code Pink has decided that they’re going to storm San Fran Nan’s House Speaker’s office because of the Democrat’s reluctance to openly and quickly cut-and-run in Iraq! They expect arrests.

I love it! What the Democrat’s are experiencing from the Loony Left is something that we here have been saying for a while– those people are nuts, you can’t deal with them rationally, and by soliciting these groups for money and bodies and posters at events, you’re only encouraging them, making them think that they matter. Hence, Pelosi’s getting fire from all sides as a result. Nice! Now let’s just see if Code Pink will actually do it!

UPDATE:  Please note the upper left-hand corner of the photo and remember that a photo illustration is not an authentic photograph.

Picture from The Two Malcontents.

48 Responses to “Code Pink’s in da House!”

  1. hydralisk said

    That pic is a photoshop job, ain’t it? I mean, it just has to be. Right?

  2. Malcontent said

    I created the graphic and those exact words are from Code Pink’s website. That is Medea Benjamin and other Code Pinko’s in the graphic. Under the graphic I did have a disclaimer saying that though the words are from Code Pink, I altered their original banner. I also provided a link to those exact words. However, that was over a year ago so my mistake to not continually add the disclaimer. Sorry for any confusion.

  3. hydralisk said

    Well that makes more sense 🙂

  4. […] okay. Here’s another comment (also from yesterday) from the guy who did the Photoshop, although he also seems to have something of a problem in remembering things that don’t […]

  5. mdhatter said

    So, if I support the liberal application of steak sauce to porkchops, while here in the comments of your website, is it safe to say that you support the same?

    May I quote you on that?

  6. Gemini Rising said

    Could you provide a link showing where Code Pink used that language? Because I think you’re a lying sack of crap.

  7. Capn Nut Wing said

    Look at the Little Loony Leftards, begging for “evidence” and “links” ! What a bunch of Liberal Losers! The picture might be an illustration, but it’s accurate and you can’t deny that! Losers! Leftards! Liberals lusting after other loser twalalalas all dressed in pink! Code Stink is more like it!

  8. Chistopher said

    Capn Nut Wing Says:
    September 26th, 2007 at 8:38 am
    “Look at the Little Loony Leftards, begging for “evidence” and “links” ! What a bunch of Liberal Losers! The picture might be an illustration, but it’s accurate and you can’t deny that!”

    They don’t need to if Google and Google cache denies it for them.

  9. Luke said

    “I created the graphic and those exact words are from Code Pink’s website.”

    Where is the evidence for this claim? Sounds like BS to me.

  10. Ineffable Effer said

    Under the graphic I did have a disclaimer saying that though the words are from Code Pink, I altered their original banner. I also provided a link to those exact words. However, that was over a year ago so my mistake to not continually add the disclaimer.

    Let’s see, ….aha:

    Thu 30 Mar 2006 12:10

    Alas, code-pink-murder.jpg wasn’t archived so you may have dodged the first bullet on a technicality.

    But….a not too exhaustive (it’s a pain – not worth the effort; you know you wrong) search of at doesn’t turn up that phrase. Even if the phrase is there, it’s highly probable you used it completely out of context.

    You are a liar, a deciever, a hateful punk. Just like your glorious leader.

  11. Ineffable Effer said

    Forget to point out tat there was no disclaimer or link in the archived page. Mr. Malcontent, your pants are on fire.

  12. Fred Green said

    So, proved. The picture’s fake and you made it up. They never said those words.


  13. RealityStrikes said

    I know you Rebublicans are anti-science, but have you really never heard of photoshop? You have really convinced yourself that photo is real? I feel really sorry for you.

  14. […] basically comes down to this: The picture is a photoshop illustration and was revealed as such at “Axis of Right” and “The Two […]

  15. Alene said

    You have really sunk to a whole new low. I checked out their website because it offended me because I have a husband serving our country rightnow in Iraq. I didn’t see ANYTHING that was remotely close to that banner, except that YOU photoshopped this together. I thank god I question my resources I would appreciate if you stopped misleading people.
    Thank you,
    Springfield, Mo.

  16. LibLeftie said

    I am not at all surprised by the idiocies and undermining of individuals that TRULY seek peace. Their lack of concern for truthe is the GOP way. There way or NO WAY. Now I just read where Medea was not allowed to cross the border into Canada to deliver the petition There is no end to how low these people(sic) will sink.

  17. Boo freakin Hoo. So the hell what the guy photoshopped a picture. The truth still remains that Code Stink will do anything to undermine the USA and its Military. They should all be made to live under Islamo-fascist rule and see what women are treated like.

    These pseudo women of code stink are setting back all of the progress that real women have made throughout the years.

  18. Coyoteyip said

    Obviously “I hate code stink”
    you are one of those dummy people who can’t think straight enough to get it straight. The point is they are not against the Military. THEY ARE AGAINST THE WAR. THEY ARE FOR PEACE. I think you must just completely not grasp the whole concept of peace and that it can become a reality. In promoting more hate, you are yourself promoting more murders which is what happens in war. you are just looping in as many phony reasons why we need to keep fighting an erroneous war (REMEMBER THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION). Code Pink is merely calling you and the rest of America out on the lies and destruction that WE have created when we went to war in a country that is not our own. What we have created is an unholy mess that will take many many many years to come out of this.

  19. Coyoteyip said

    Not to mention the fact that we actually are harming our own men and women who are in the troops who are coming home in caskets, or missing arms and legs, or mentally traumatized disillusioned and not ready to step back into society

  20. Salinger said

    Coyote, obviously you just are pushing liberal talking points without any regard for the validity of those points. Peace is possible, but not for long. Code Pink is against our military. They have protested outside of Walter Reed, yelling at wounded soldiers. If they are so concerned for our brave men and women wounded in combat, why not visit and comfort these soldiers instead of protesting them? The troops themselves, by and large, are for the mission.

    Peace is not merely the absense of conflict. One could argue that if Hitler had won WWII, there eventually would have been “Peace”, but what kind of peace would it have been? Peace is much more than that. It is a state of security and freedom in which we all strive to live. However, sometimes peace can only be achieved through war. Hitler would have continued to overtake Europe, conquering country by country. The only way to achieve Peace for Europe was to go to war and stop Hitler. Bush’s vision of Peace is to take an area of the world where there is no Peace (plenty of conflict and little freedom) and give it Freedom. WWII transformed Europe. The War on Terror will, hopefully, transform the Middle East. As far as Weapons of Mass Destruction, Sadaam did have them. He was documented to have had them by the U.N. The trick was he somehow got rid of them before the war, since it took us 6 months to build up to the war.

  21. It’s so weird that I found this blog from the code pink web sight! I was trying to find a way to contact them and I stumbled upon this

    These women make me ill! My husband is currently in Iraq. I feel these women need to go to THERE and teach their message of peace. America is not perfect, but we have something called FREEDOM!

    So why is it that they don’t go ahead and go over and share their lovely message? Oh right they would get their heads chopped off, so they’ll just stick with the good ol USA and preach to us because we are hateful war mongers.

    What’s REALLY crazy is the boys over there defending these women’s rights to free speech! Oh this just drives me up the wall!!!!!

    Well anyhow, I love what you did with the banner, very appropriate!

    P.S. These women totally ruined my favorite color! 😦

  22. Palavras said

    I swear, the more websites I come across like this, the better my day gets…. Ah…I love having a cold. XD

  23. Dinah said

    I have a hubby in the military who is preparing to deploy for the third time and I am a reservist, prior active duty, who has deployed twice. I don’t think Code Pink gets it. I lived in the middle east for 14 years. They think that these radical muslims will rationalize and negotiate and that is unfortunatly not the case. They want to annihilate us. Doesn’t CodePink get this?
    I don’t hate anyone but I will be darned if I will stand by an organization that seeks to destroy all the hard work that our service members have accomplished thus far for peace. Will they not be happy until an Iraqi flag is flying on our land and we are being forced to worship Allah?
    If every country believed in no wars then it would be great but hello and welcome to reality!

  24. USA Guy said

    The text in that picture is, in fact, false, as are most of the erroneous claims of the conservative drones who support blogs like this one. If anyone wants to see what the sign actually said, or what Medea Benjamin actually says, they can visit Code Pink’s Website. As with the lies told by the Bush Administration to get us into war, the lies spread by the media to aid in the effort, and the lies spread by blogs like this one, the facts are not of interest here.

    The right in this country has taken an ugly, fascist turn, one that resents truth and decries the positive qualities of mankind in favor of blind nationalism and bloodhsed.

    The hard work our government has done in Iraq is to murder over one million innocent Iraqi civilians, most of them women and children (the first bombs dropped killed women and children almost exclusively–no soldiers), drive millions more from their homes, drive thousands of women into abject poverty and prostitution, engender hatred for Americans across the globe, strengthen terrorist organizations, erode our constitutional rights, and promote torture and prejudice.

    Sadly, for those whose relatives are serving overseas, groups like Code Pink correctly predicted both the motives and the trajectory of military action in Iraq, something that history will bear out, while delusional “patriots,” remaining behind a criminal, deceitful administration, have clung to baseless propaganda and willingly destroy the country they claim to support by making Americans look amoral, ignorant, and inhumane.

    And by the way–Code Pink HAS gone to Iraq a number of times. When Bush and Cheney and the rest go down in history as abominable war criminals, the right can try to convince their grandchildren that support for the policies of torturers and murderers was somehow justified.

  25. Ryan said

    It seems like most do not understand what fascist means any more, so maybe a history lesson is in order.

    Fascism started in Italy around 1920. “Fascism” has the root “fasces” which is a bundle of rods tied together with an ax on the end. It was a symbol of ancient Rome that reflected power and influence, usually flanking magistrates, senators, or emperors in public. Benito Mussolini played on Italian nationalism and found young, unemployed and impressionable youths to do his anti-communist, anti-democratic bidding. The Italian “Black Shirts” were initially roving street gangs that bullied the opposition by going to opposition rallies and shouting down or enciting violence to intimidate their enemies, foster a sense of public chaos, and in the end, not let their opponent’s ideas be heard. It was a fundamental disrespect of democracy, as the fascists sold themselves as an alternative “third-way” to messy slow democracy, and bloody radical communism.

    Fascism also had an economic aspect, corporativism, that blended state interests with big business. Pure fascism, as an early to mid 20th Century phenomenon, never took root in Germany or Spain in the same way it took over in Italy. In fact, after World War II, fascism as an ideology fell out of favor for obvious reasons. Instead, its successors are your typical non-Marxist totalitarian military dictatorship (ex-Saddam’s Iraq and the like).

    So, in essence, if you can use a public forum to call Bush, Cheney or the Right fascist and not be thrown in prison, murdered, or abused in public, then they aren’t fascist. They are not trying to silence speech, it’s just that Code Pink’s speech isn’t popular and we free Americans can choose not to pay attention to them if we don’t want to. I believe that inferring that any significant political group in this country can truly lean fascist demonstrates the accuser’s poor reading of history, misunderstanding of American culture and shows a disdain for the American democratic process and our institutions. Read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers to see how our system blunts the power of any one group in a way that kept us together for 220 years through the Civil War, Great Depression, and yes, George W. Bush.

    In fact, it seems that the extreme left isn’t cool with the democratic process much– shouting people down they way that Code Pink and other kooks do at public forums. Verbally assaulting Condoleezza Rice at that hearing this week also demonstrates a disdain for the democratic process and our insitutions. The Gettysburg Address clearly stipulates that the ol’ Jeffersonian “right of revolution” within a democratic framework should not be tolerated by the government since there is a deliberate social and political outlet found within our system that does not require, and should abhor, violent revolution by radical factions: just success or failure in the free exchange of ideas that our system provides. If one fails, they need to accept that and try again.

    If you don’t like Dr. Rice or George Bush, form an organization that can change people’s minds in a way that more Americans will be receptive to. Code Pink tried that and has seemingly gotten tired of the slow democratic process that has favored other’s opinions over the last 4 1/2 years, resorting to the violent tactics that were on display this week. Some people got a giggle out of the assault on Dr. Rice– they are sick and have clearly lost the rational sense of what their actions can mean and how this will be received by the public as a whole. That’s why I believe Code Pink should be careful who they believe demonstrates fascist tendencies especially in lieu of how their group has dealt with people who have a dissenting opinion.

  26. Franyagain said

    There are so many half-truths, myths, and outright nonsensical statements here, it would take too long to refute them.

    But I wonder – how many of the CODEPINK detractors here have ever gotten involved in pro-democracy or pro-veteran activism?

    If anybody wants to find out exactly what CODEPINK stands for, and more importantly, what it really does do, I suggest visiting their website, at

    And I also suggest not being so quick to criticize or put down peacemakers.

    A lot of Christians on the “right” seem to forget these days that their religion is against war. Jesus never asked anyone to take up a weapon on his behalf or for the sake of his religion. Killing another human being is defined as an act against God, because God made each and every living thing, and each human being has a soul that contains a divine spark. There are NO loopholes in Christianity, despite what history shows us was done in its name, from the Crusades to the Inquisition to the Bush administration.

  27. Jay said

    And a lot of liberals on the left seem to forget that this country gained it’s independence from a war. Without the military we would be invaded by a different country daily.

    This is why I can’t quite understand liberals. What exactly is your goal? For everyone in the world to unite and hold hands? That is NEVER going to happen. Stop trying to force it.

    You keep talking about the lies told to us by our government and my question to you is, what is your source? Have you been to Iraq? Or are you taking your information from CNN and other left wing propagandists? Do you really think there weren’t ANY weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Really? Are you THAT stupid?

    There’s a reason we have elected officials that make decisions for us, and that’s because they know what they’re doing and the rest of us do not. You sit back and bash our government when you have NO IDEA what is really going on. You think you do, but you’re not privy to all the information our government is. For instance, these “millions of Iraqi civilians that the US has killed”….are you insane? Do you think it’s the military that’s strapping bombs to their back and running into crowded market places killing innocent civilians? No, it’s terrorists trying to cause unstability. And if we don;t stop them over there, they’ll be doing the same thing in our supermarkets soon.

    See in this country our government HASN’T taken the fascist step of kicking everyone out that looks like a terrorist, because that’s not what our country’s founded on.

    Nobody in this country is forced to join the military anymore. They do so voluntarily knowing full well the risk they are taking. They join the military because they want to make a difference and they want to protect the freedom that our ancestors died for. Who are you to stop them from that? You preach peace and love, yet you don’t exhibit it.

  28. Jay said

    And stop trying to bring God into this. If god made each and every living thing then he’s also in control of what they do right? So that means God is telling these men to enlist in the Marines and go to war in Iraq. And God is telling President Bush exactly what he should do next in regards to the war. Right? You can’t have it both ways.

  29. roger said

    Without the military we would be invaded by a different country daily.

    That would be true if the US insists in its ‘American Empire’ policies.

    As for the military fighting for our freedoms every time they take out their toys to occupy defenseless countries (obviously, the US is very careful when dealing with China), you are wrong. The only time the military went to war for our independence was when Mr. Washington defeated the British.

    Since then, the US military has participated in conflicts where a ‘noble cause’ was pursued. But the majority of the US military involvement overseas had to do with causes which were not altogether noble but for the interest US corporation my have had in the conflict area.

    Do not continue endorsing the military as freedom fighters. They aren’t.

  30. roger said

    The sad and troubling results of an ill conceived war.


  31. Elmo said

    You folks are an interesting lot…I cannot discern that any of you have training to speak reliably about any aspect of the Middle East, Iraq, Iran, or the motivations to engage the Iraqis and boot Saddam out.

    This (Pink) seems like a venting group without a clue, very much like the anti-war morons during Vietnam. Idiots with a voice, a website, and no understanding outside of bumpersticker slogans of what might actually be going on. Perhaps you should find a history book or two…

    Fortunately, more Americans have sense than to take you people seriously, so it is not likely that you’ll suffer the true results of your incessant sniveling, which would be to witness your own children, fathers, and wives and mothers blown up by even more stupid people with bomb vests in a crowded location in the USA. I stop short of wishing you WOULD experience something like this, as I am not an unfeeling animal and to wish this on people would be a true sin.

    What you do not understand is that there ARE people in this world who would, in the absence of the US military, drive right into your markets and malls and kill you and yours just because they have no idea what the hell else to do.

    As an LEGAL American Citizen born in another country, I can tell you that however flawed the USA, the current Administration, President Bush personally, or our history may be, we are miles ahead of the next best situation in ANY other country. The USA is the Light of the World, the only hope for people less advantaged than are we. You do not see folks rushing to get into other countries as we do here in the USA, you do not see other people bleating like a bunch of pathetic wimps because if they did this in most other countries, they would be imprisoned, killed, or worse. Yes, Brunhilda, there are worse things to suffer on this earth than dying.

    Please, find a better, more intelligent way to preach your weakness if you expect to be heard and taken seriously. On the other hand, continue doing just exactly what you are now doing…making yourselves and your “cause” appear pitiful, moronic, and irrelevant.

    Get a clue.

  32. NonNonSequitur said

    What a hoot! Post #13 by RealityStrikes states that a facet of the Republican plank is “anti-science.” This person is delusional and stuck on themselves to both name themselves “RealityStrikes” and at the same time make a completely prejudiced statement about conservatives and science being mutually-exclusive.

    Any researched view of history reveals that modern science would never exist without Christianity (Christians are considered the “far-right wackos” of the Republican Party, so we may as well just cut to the chase, here). All of the founders of modern science were Christians, some even pastors, such as Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Brahe, Descartes, Boyle, Newton, Leibniz, Gassendi, Pascal, Mersenne, Cuvier, Harvey, Dalton, Farady, Hershel, Joule, Lyell, Lavoisier, Priestley, Kelvin, Ohm, Ampere, Steno, Pasteur, Maxwell, Planck, Mendel and Lemaitre. Even Einstein is documented as a believer in the God of the Old Testament.

    Stephen Hawkings has to, as late, admit to his own chagrin, that the Jews and Christians were correct the entire time: the universe and all that it encompassees (time, space, matter) had a BEGINNING, a moment of creation, if you will.

    So, how’s THAT for reality?

    What’s even more ironic is that atheistic Darwinism has not the slightest shred of empirical evidence to support it. Even the foremost atheistic Darwinians, like Richard Dawkins, have to admit this. Darwinian evolution does not even qualify as a scientific theory. It is just a theory, unproven, unsustainable without the rhetorical hot air of its fanatical, religious adherents.

    How’s THAT for even MORE reality?

  33. coderedwhiteblue said

    pink burkas! that’s a mental picture that brings a smile to the face of all vets, concerning these loons. 🙂

  34. Mike said

    I find it remarkable that all of you at code pink are upset about a doctored photo, but find nothing wrong with creating a fake press release as a hoax. Please feel free to read the article at the following link you can also watch a video at I am truly saddened that your group has taken what so many woman have fought for over the past on hundred years, and trivialized it. Shame on you! The people that you hale as heros are surely turning over in their graves because of the stunts that you pull. At the end of the day you are hippies dressed in pink rather than tie die. I urge all of you to see how poorly you represent yourselves by watching the video at Keep on wasting your money and time while America laughs at your expense!

  35. army_rn said

    As a woman, Code Pink makes me sick. And the fact that the Berkeley City Council condones the vandalism of a Marine recruiting station and the harrassment of recruits makes me embarassed to be a Californian. As an active-duty Army nurse that just finished caring for wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, it saddens me that Code Pink claims to care about our Troops, but has made no real effort to support them; Unlike Operation Ward 57, or those that modify regular clothing to make them wearable for wounded soldiers. While I don’t like war, it is a reality of society, and it always will be… Those that think that there will be world peace someday are delusional. My advice to Code Pinkers is to do something more constructive with their time rather than making themselves look stupid with fake press releases.

  36. ohm said

    Everyone of you has to ask yourself what are you doing with your time on earth? Are you creating or destroying? Are you killing or loving? We are all people upon the same planet. We drink the same water and breathe in the same wind. We all love someone. We all want to be alive. We all want to be happy and free. We all want to live. Live. Is it fair that some people can bomb other people? Is it fair that one baby dies over there so that one baby lives over here? Is it fair that some are poor so that some are rich? Is peace possible? Is war the answer to peace? All humans, every one of us is responsible for life. We are the creation with brains…we know, we seek, we learn, we love, we have compassion, we are the evolved beings. Can we not evolve enough, especially our rich rulers in command, to think before shooting? Or did they?

  37. Lee Anne said

    I have to wonder why the left feels that it is okay for THEM to shout down others, say any lies about the right they want to and then try to take us to task. They are stomping all over the Constitution. They want freedom of speech only for them. It is time to rise up and let them know we are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. I am sure if a right winger were to shout down a Code Pink speaker that person would be totally vilified by the left crying about their freedom of speech.

  38. code red white and blue said

    i don’t even know where to begin. stupid people will always be around to whine and mutter things that make sense in a biased and uneducated context. I think every intelligent point has been made in this blog, so my call to anyone reading this is to try and ignore code pink. They are not going to give up, like stupid animals chasing a piece of meat, they are in a group and they are going to twist reality until it fits the group’s purpose.
    A quick side note, CODE PINK members, i am a six foot seventeen year old with blond hair and green eyes, and if i ever see you i am going to slap you unconscious. You ignorant bitches are an embarrassment to the human race.
    Sure, call me a hypocrite. I know. i just had to give them fair warning.

  39. Lord Help us all! said

    This scares the hell out of me. How can so many in this beautiful country of ours be led happily down the road to ruin without even asking questions??? The rest of the world knows the truth…but it seems that many Americans have been taught not to think for themselves or QUESTION AUTHORITY. America was founded on disagreeing with the governing body. People in this blog are complaining about CodePink’s right to state their opinion, while backing some wack-job that falsely doctors their message in an attempt to discredit them. That’s taking free speech to a whole new level. I am very, very afraid.

  40. Z said

    All I have to say is WHY? Why do you feel the need to place blame on soliders? I didn’t vote for Bush..hell, I wasn’t old enough TO vote for him. (imagine that) but, now as a solider, why do you feel the need to even THINK of something like this? Photo shopped or not..thats horrible!!! Thats like saying “We support child abuse, even if the kid is a perfect angel” (note..child abuse is WRONG, and I DO NOT SUPPORT IT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM) Or blaming a child for what the parents do…can they control the parent..well NO. I mean seriously folks…Yes, I chose to raise my hand to serve…but those who where in before bush, before the war started…they have obligations to fullfill..and regardless who the leader is (or parent…in going with my example) we HAVE to do what he says…we cant just QUIT one day! I mean….we can, yeah, but with a HUGE price…

    I’m not bashing Code Pink, if that is what you chose to follow, then by all means, stick by your convictions…but don’t blame the soliders. I don’t like this war as much as the rest of the world, but I have a job to do..and I will do it…

  41. Thoughtful Voter said

    Um…? “Little Loony Leftards, begging for ‘evidence’ and ‘links'”??

    I came to this site looking for thoughtful arguments and points of view. What kind of people attack women who support peace by creating a fake picture illustration? And then someone has the nerve to mock the call for evidence?

    Is that the best you can do? Lie to make your point?

    I certainly wouldn’t read another word posted on such an undemocratic and unpatriotic display of ignorance. You people are crazy and dangerous. Its really sad, actually. I feel sorry for you.

  42. RightIsRight said

    How dare you let thoose “pinkos” get away with claiming this. I am for the war in Irack, I support the service men who make the ultimate sacrifice. This is my slogan, I want my cheap gas.

  43. Dennis Dwyer said

    Go Ahead and publish this you bastards so you know that you know that you have an Patriot enemy to watch your moves.

  44. Steffanie said

    So do you not support our troops? You have to remeber that they (the solider) signed up knowing that this could happen… and it did and now you want to stop all funding going over to Iraq to support OUR TROOPS, to make sure that they come home safe, and to make sure that America doesn’t get attacked like it once was (9/11). i think that it’s sad that you all are wasting so much time on this anti war crap and not enough on getting our troops home safe. i’ve lost a few great friends over there and this site is rude and distrubing. Maybe you should focus on the BIG picture here, Bush reacted in the best way that he could have at the time of the attack, and now we have sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, mothers, daughter, neices, nephews and best friends over there fighting to keep your slap happy ass FREE! there is no such thing as a perfect world. there is no such thing as a happy, clean, violent free world. Freedom is not free. it never has been and it never will be. GET OVER IT!

  45. Alan said

    Code Pink has got it!!! I Wish more Americans would think like them and stop hating everyone in the world (and the USA) that is defferent than they are.

  46. Alan said


  47. r u kiding said

    Seriously, could they send in a woman with atleast HALF a brain to make a scene at the Rep. speeches? That woman acts, talks, and looks like an old “WOOD STOCK” JUNKY!

  48. r u kiding said

    LOOK AT THE WHOLE STAFF OF THIS “PINK” GROUP, are they not all the geeks from high school?

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