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The Democrats Did Have a Plan After All

Posted by Mike on March 23, 2007

The Democrats have been squawking for years that they have a plan for the war in Iraq. Several on the right doubted this, but the Democratic Congress proved us wrong. They did indeed have a plan and earlier today, it passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 218-212. The long-awaited Democratic plan for the Iraqi front to the war on terror includes a comprehensive strategy including an artificial withdrawal deadline of September 2008 and funding for other anti-terror measures such as $25 million for spinach farmers, $74 million for peanut storage, and $5 million for shellfishermen.

This plan is so bad that it helped President Bush find his mojo. Surrounded by troops, the President promised to veto the Democrats’ Surrender and Pork Act of 2007 and slammed the circus that is the House of Representatives.

“The purpose of the emergency war spending bill I requested was to provide our troops with vital funding. Instead, Democrats in the House, in an act of political theater, voted to substitute their judgment for that of our military commanders on the ground in Iraq.”

Vice President Cheney has pointed out time and again that an artificial deadline merely provides our enemies an opportunity to hold out until the date certain, at which point they would be free to escalate their campaign of terror. This doesn’t matter to the liberals in Congress though. Sucking up to Code Pink is what really matters. Well, that and cheaper oysters.

6 Responses to “The Democrats Did Have a Plan After All”

  1. j4jesus said

    Yes! Say it like it is and keep saying it. I’m going to have check out your blog more often! As I commented to someone else just a minute ago: I am amazed that a political party could actually be elected by calling for the surrender, defeat and humiliation of their own country. I’d like to blame on the mainstream “drive-by” media, but I’m seriously beginning to have my doubts about the intellectual stability of “the American people.”

  2. Ryan said

    None of the Democrat’s behavior is a shock, nor should it be to anyone who was paying attention before the election. Alas, our president has done a horrible job of bringing the American people along and the American people punished the Republicans for being inept.

    Yet, nonetheless, we have Democrats voting for a specific date for defeat. In 2008 we’ll see if the American people voted for defeat or voted for a faster victory. Either way, for all our sakes, the Republicans NEED to take the initiative and sell victory, rather than react to defeat.

  3. hydralisk said

    From their point of view, the war has to be over by 2008 in order for whichever Dem is sworn in as president to not have the embarrassing task of confronting problems they are categorically unqualified to solve. So since throwing peanuts and scallops at explosive-laden Al-Quaeda trucks isn’t gonna work…

  4. hydralisk said

    Reading again what I just wrote I can see that what I intended to be humorous really isn’t, because it accurately describes what some Dem congressmen are actually thinking. To gain political power it’s worth mortgaging away the objectives are soldiers have sacrificed for to try to achieve. It’s that sad.

  5. Ryan said

    My problem with the Democrats on this issue is somewhat personal. I have a brother in the Army National Guard and he was deployed in Taji, Iraq and al-Anbar province for 13 months before coming home last May. It was emotionally taxing to hear the doom and gloom from the MSM and the Dems, especially wondering if the latest bombing ended my brother’s life, then having to hear their ridicule of the President, the mission and those poor victimized troops, which bordered on farce.

    Their attitude has been disrespectful to the president (who happens to be my brother’s boss) and now it is openly disrespectful to the troops, not just for the ridiculous pullout time that demeans all they served for but because they added all these idiotic supplementals clearly designed to curry political favor over those Dems who on any other occasion would have voted “no” on this measure.

    I have no problem with dissent, or with the Democrat’s right to try to usurp executive power on this matter. I do have a problem with the fact that they have offered no solutions that end in America’s benefit– only cut-and-run “redeployments,” procedural grandstanding, double speak-filled nonbinding resolutions, and politically correct nuances to both support and not support the troops. That’s cowardly, and our enemies can see it.

  6. Noonan said

    The Dems don’t care about consequences, so they irresponsible. All they talk about is the body count level and why they think we shouldn’t have gone into war inititally. Their plan for dealing with the resulting chaos should our troops pull out prematurely would be to blame the Republicans for going there in the first place.

    I may not have agreed with going to war in the first place, but I felt reasonable minds could differ and politics should be left at the water’s edge. To support a withdrawal by touting the body count of American soldiers directly endangers our troops by telling the enemy that if their crazy and indiscriminate violence kills enough people, we will leave, and they can seize power. This is not a complicated A to B to C. The Dems are not pulling the trigger, but they are causing the deaths of our troops, undermining our country’s name by refusing to provide a united front, and endangering our national security.

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