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Iran Unhinged

Posted by Ryan on March 24, 2007

So Iran wants to try those 15 Brits for espionage, even though a shady forced confession and eye witness accounts of the incident lend little credibility to the Islamic Republic’s judicial integrity on this issue.  After the 15-0 Security Council vote on Resolution 1747 to impose stiffer economic sanctions on the ol’ Mahdi Paradise, all the Iranians had to say at the UN in their defense was how inconsistent and brutal the UN was for their involvement in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, the peace-loving nature of their regime versus the UN, the clandestine arm twisting that the US and Britain must have done to al-Baradai and the IAEA, and with the obligatory cherry on top, some token rant about a Zionist conspiracy.

If France, Russia, China, Ghana, South Africa, the Great Satan (that’ll be us to those of you who don’t remember the good ol’ Ayatollah), and nine other nations can agree on a course of action, somebody here’s a little unhinged.  If Iran is going to try to delegitimize the UN by grandstanding on this issue, Mahmoud is going to need some Prilosec.

Now, just imagine these guys with a nuclear bomb.

Pic from Newswire.

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