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Video: “How Modern Liberals Think”

Posted by Ryan on March 27, 2007

I caught this video on Drudge earlier today and I feel it’s worth posting here as well.  Evan Sayet, lecturing at the Heritage Foundation, has a great 48-minute speech on “How Modern Liberals Think.” It has great insight into why he feels Liberals are wrong on every issue.  Sayet believes that this comes from a utopian view of the world which states that war, hunger, violence and injustice are present in the world despite our best efforts to get rid of them.  Therefore no system, no jewel from the past can give us a clue on achieving that promising utopian future.  So, everything is suspect, everything’s devalued, everything’s a morally relative Western bash since we’re on top right now (read: the current incarnation of this failed system).  That’s just a taste!  It’s a long video, but worth at least a brief look.

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