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Day Six: More British Bollocks!

Posted by Ryan on March 28, 2007

Day Six of the hostage crisis now has the Iranians parading the British marines around on video! I thought it was illegal, according to the Geneva Convention relative to the treatment of Prisoners of War (1950), to parade prisoners in such a fashion (see Article 13), even if one of the states involved does not recognize these articles (see Article 2)! Yet even though Iran seized these soldiers in a clear act of war and/or provocation in the very least, Britain is still reluctant to admit that aspect and take appropriate action. Instead, more British bollocks on hair-splitting, appeasement-minded diplomatic propaganda-laden nonsense! It is no coincidence that Iran did not pick on an American ship.

AP photograph taken from Yahoo!

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Missing: Republican Party’s Spine

Posted by Mike on March 28, 2007

Right Wing News has an interesting take on Republican reaction to the Alberto Gonzalez non-scandal. Basically, they argue the problem with Republicans right now is rooted in what is good about Republicans.

Conservatives pride themselves on not blindly standing up for their own side. Yes, we’re not like the hypocritical Democrats who have no integrity and will defend their own side whether they’re KKK members, left a girl to drown to death, or got caught with 90k dollars worth of bribe money in their freezer.

Overall, this conservative tendency is a good thing because it helps get rid of people like Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley, so that they won’t taint the party as a whole. But, the flip side of it is that every time the left goes after someone, whether it’s merited or not, there is a mob of pitchfork wielding conservatives right there with them demanding their scalps and this is a perfect example of it.

That’s a good point. Here, even if everything flying out of the Democrats’ mouths about Gonzalez was true (it isn’t), there would still be no scandal.  The Constitution guarantees separation of powers.  Inherent in this doctrine is the right of the executive to fire executive branch officials for any reason whatsoever.  Democrats will never understand that of course.  I don’t think they even know we have Constitution.  Republicans should know better though.

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